Electrical data analysis

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Still selling the old-fashioned way?

The old method — buying materials and not knowing if they’ll sell — doesn’t work anymore. Deliver a more consistent buying experience to customers with data-powered selling. Understand common patterns of behavior, trends and product performance so your portfolio matches demand.

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We definitely get our money’s worth
Phocas’ ease of use means Revere’s salespeople have adopted the software and streamlined multiple reports into dynamic dashboards
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Phocas benefits for the electrical industry

Real time data Gain access to vital sales information from the field to make proactive recommendations and draw on it during customer meetings.
Automated reporting Present monthly and quarterly reports every day. Visualizations are easy to produce and understand, offering intuitive measures to get your point across.
Analysis accessible to all Get your cross-functional teams more fluent in data analytics to do business smarter and drive sustainable outcomes.
Track performance

Empower sellers with key performance insights

We believe people are motivated when they understand their individual and team results. Transparency creates healthy competition, improves sales culture and drives empathy between teams and regions.

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Make better decisions

Fully configurable performance metrics

Get the KPIs that work for your business; from Phocas-recommended, out-of-the-box metrics to business-specific data tracking.

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Customize dashboards

Dashboards that drive sales and streamline reporting

Access any relevant sales data quickly and easily to identify opportunities, bring in more revenue and report on key performance without going through complex ERPs.

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The perfect toolkit for electrical sellers


People can just use Phocas, they can write their own reports, they can use prefab reports set up by somebody else. It made it accessible to a much larger group of people in the company.

David Lowenstein

Vendor Relations, Billows Electric Supply


We’ve been very used to selling the same products year in and year out to the same customers, but we now know what we’re not selling, and we now know where we can focus our marketing efforts, our technology efforts and our sales efforts.

Todd Wade

CIO, Republic


It’s really helped on our pricing strategies, margin analysis and for us to focus on the major issues that we weren’t keeping our eyes on previously.

David Moench

CFO, 3E (Electrical Engineering & Equipment Company)

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See it to believe it Customers are blown away when they first see what's possible with Phocas. Why don't you take some time to tell us about your data challenges and let's see if we can help.
Helpful advice We have grown up with businesses that make, move and sell products and have a lot of data. Our consultants aim to be trusted advisors who can give you data management options.
What it takes to get Phocas Even if your data is a mess, you think you’ve got it licked with Excel, it’s in your too hard basket or someday maybe list. Carve out 30 minutes to learn what it takes to bolt a best of breed BI software on and learn what you stand to gain.