Janitorial industry data analysis

Take a smarter approach to janitorial stock and inventory


Does your ERP restrict you?

Integrating a simple business intelligence software will give you a clear picture of what’s happening across your business. Phocas delivers insights that allow you to work smarter by streamlining operations and discovering new growth opportunities.

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The analysis we get from our data is invaluable
Deb relies on Phocas to keep on top of its business, identify what product lines to watch and key trends across its customer base.
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Phocas benefits for the janitorial industry

Sell more Sales sees all that matters: stats of individual customers, purchasing history, gaps for cross- and upselling opportunities.
Win big accounts Sharing insights and sell thru data with customers and manufacturers creates favourable negotiations and richer partnerships
Improve visibility Track margins and profitability by customer, customer buying habits, inventory holdings and movement and product performance.
Data availability

Trustworthy data that helps you succeed

Don’t be bypassed or blindsided in this competitive market. It’s mission-critical that janitorial wholesalers deliver exceptional customer service, convenience, an extensive range of products, and competitive pricing.

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Streamline operations

Reports and insights without the IT bottleneck

Offer more competitive pricing, streamline operations to reduce costs. Take bigger orders, know what to purchase when and how to keep stock turns healthy with a practical data analytics tool that can be used by everyone across your business, anywhere.

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Unlock potential

Get true sales intelligence
from your ERP

For janitorial businesses with large product portfolios, demanding logistics and far reaching customer bases, this tool is the missing link between the data you already have locked in internal systems and an optimized supply and demand process and strategy.

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We used to be on Excel spreadsheets and that was very time consuming. We switched to Phocas and it enabled us to see the data in real time and as quick as we could possibly click the button, the data would be there.

Sean Ralph

Managing director, Pool Pro

The analysis we get out of Phocas is invaluable. Allowing us to know how we are tracking against budgets, identify which product lines are doing well and which ones need improvement.

Bassam Aboulhaf

Financial Controller, Deb

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See it to believe it Customers are blown away when they first see what's possible with Phocas. Why don't you take some time to tell us about your data challenges and let's see if we can help.
Helpful advice We have grown up with businesses that make, move and sell products and have a lot of data. Our consultants aim to be trusted advisors who can give you data management options.
What it takes to get Phocas Even if your data is a mess, you think you’ve got it licked with Excel, it’s in your too hard basket or someday maybe list. Carve out 30 minutes to learn what it takes to bolt a best of breed BI software on and learn what you stand to gain.