Can push notifications work to your advantage?

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Can push notifications work to your advantage?

Are you tired of all the emails that land in your inbox? How about only being notified when there is a problem in your business or when a customer reaches target? These push notifications are called alerts in Phocas and many companies across manufacturing and distribution are using them every day - to stay in control of their business.

You can set color-coded alerts in Phocas to automatically appear on your home screen or dashboard when performances against a target reaches a certain point. The alert appears if a number (e.g. sales figures) falls within a set red, yellow or green range. Typically, alerts are dynamic and will change each time you view them.

In the video, we show you how to subscribe to the alerts. In the home screen you can see the alerts that have been set-up: 1) declining customers 2) eroded margin products 3) slow selling stock. To code them, click the subscription icon (the letter) on the right and click the colour and frequency you want to receive them such as daily at 9.00am.

In this example, the Phocas user only wants to see declining customers who have dropped in sales by 20% for three consecutive months, so has set this criteria for a red alert. When customers have these characteristics, an email is sent by Phocas to the user with an attachment of the 63 customers. Alternatively, they can click on the link to the alert in red and its takes you back to Phocas where you can see the 63 customers and their total value and sales for the last three months.



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