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Happy customer recognizes Phocas technical consultant

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Happy customer recognizes Phocas technical consultant

What does it take to win an award for excellence from a company you don’t work directly in? For Ashvi Murarka, an experienced technical consultant here at Phocas, it was for a successful implementation of Phocas Analytics into four of Bapcor’s entities.

Honored with its esteemed 'Champion Award' for making an ‘Outstanding contribution to the ongoing success of Bapcor’, this recognition marks a significant milestone, as Ashvi becomes the first-ever external recipient of the prestigious accolade from Bapcor.

Bapcor Limited is Asia Pacific's leading provider of vehicle parts, accessories, equipment, service and solutions to the automotive aftermarket. Employing 5,000 team members in more than 1,000 locations, the business now relies on Phocas to streamline its data, so its people can optimize operations and drive business growth.

Bapcor needed better sales reporting across all its business entities

Thanks to Phocas, Bapcor’s management team already had access to faster reporting and analytics at a Group-level but wanted the ability to drill into the sales numbers for all of its entities, so reached out to the Phocas team for help in adding extra databases.

Ashvi took charge of Bapcor’s implementation process; acting primarily in a technical capacity to ensure seamless integration and exceptional service delivery. Supported by her colleague and fellow Technical Consultant, Mitch Cornish, Ashvi’s role encompassed resolving technical queries and acting as a single point of contact for Bapcor to facilitate effective communication throughout the process.

Implementation team adapted to complexity throughout the process

On paper, the implementation was set to involve a straightforward data extraction from Bapcor’s ERP but rapidly became more complex than anticipated as its four entities operate independently of each other. Recognizing a ‘one size fits all’ approach wouldn’t work, Ashvi and the wider team swiftly adapted the standard Phocas implementation process to accommodate the complexity that Bapcor required.

Despite technical intricacies and differing stakeholder viewpoints across each of Bapcor’s individual entities, Ashvi remained steadfast in her pursuit of finding viable solutions that would satisfy everyone. She navigated challenges whilst maintaining laser-focused on the customer’ needs, reflecting the dedication and professionalism that is synonymous with Phocas.

Reflecting on her win, Ashvi shares “It was a really complex implementation. But at the end of the day, we just wanted to deliver something which was of value to Bapcor, and for the team there to be happy”.

Phocas Activation Manager, and Ashvi’s line manager, Renaldo Vilonel says “This is not only a momentous achievement for Ashvi but also testament to the outstanding work and dedication of the entire Phocas team. The award underscores Ashvi's exceptional contributions to a complex project, demonstrating outstanding commitment and expertise in the realm of software implementation and technical coordination.”

Beyond her technical proficiency, Ashvi's genuine care and passion for Phocas’ customers and her proactive approach to problem-solving consistently elevated the Phocas customer experience for Bapcor.

“The award speaks volumes about Ashvi's exceptional ability to understand and address our customers' needs effectively. Her dedication to going above and beyond in every aspect of her work embodies the core values that define Phocas. She exemplifies the spirit of collaboration and innovation that drives Phocas’ success as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.”
Phocas Activation Manager, Renaldo Vilonel

As a B Corp Certified organization, customers are naturally at the heart of everything we do at Phocas. Our ethos of always putting the customer first, allows Phocas teams to establish genuine relationships with customers and gain a deeper understanding of their specific business needs throughout the implementation process, and beyond.

Wendy Harmsen, General Manager Strategy & Transformation Supply Chain at Bapcor agrees. “In an operation of our size, we work with a number of software providers. However, Ashvi's commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and relentless pursuit of customer success have truly set her apart. Her tireless efforts and expertise have not only met but exceeded all our expectations. I honestly can’t think of anyone more worthy of our Champion Award.”

The win not only celebrates Ashvi's individual achievements but also reflects Phocas's ongoing commitment to developing flexible, user-friendly software solutions. This enables users to get hands-on with our solutions significantly faster than they potentially could with other analytics products available on the market.

Ashvi feels this is by far Phocas’ biggest strength. “It doesn't take an end user much time to get familiar with how it operates. You can usually give them 30 minutes of training, and they’re good to go and have fun exploring. And in just a few clicks, they can see the figures changing. Phocas’ ease of use is really wonderful for customers and provides a lot of value to them,” she concludes.

Written by Alison McKenna
Alison McKenna

Before joining Phocas as an in-house tech writer, Ali worked as a freelancer and brings a wealth of industry experience to her writing. She previously occupied a senior management position at a national distributor of plumbing and building supplies in the UK. Ali has a genuine passion for writing about ways to help businesses feel good about data.

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