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Debunking Five Business Intelligence Myths

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Debunking Five Business Intelligence Myths

We’ve sat on your side of the desk – Phocas Sales and Operations staff have years of B2B and Retail industry experience between them.

Our business insight helps us appreciate the pains that Commercial and Operations people go through when you’re trying to analyse your company data, make some sense of it and importantly, draw meaningful conclusions to ensure you exceed targets and set strategic goals.

We’ve encountered assumptions in the world of business intelligence and it’s true to say that there are myths out there which we’re pleased to be able to de-bunk:

Myth 1: ‘BI is expensive’.

Fact: A good business intelligence software tool such as Phocas should pay for itself almost immediately. Want to know which customers’ sales are tailing off? Phocas tells you at the click of a button and enables you to act accordingly, helping your revenue.

Myth 2: ‘BI requires technical users with advanced database skills to operate complex systems’.

Fact: Phocas provides visual information for non-techies, enabling them to easily interpret data. Non-IT people can easily set up dashboards, KPIs and bespoke reports which run when you need them to, enabling easy sales and business analysis. Should IT people want to dig down further, of course that’s possible but the Phocas front-end is refreshingly simple to use.busy_CEO

Myth 3: ‘BI is not intuitive’.

Fact: As Phocas is so easy to use, it’s a straightforward process to help users follow their own train of thought, providing answers to your business questions.

Myth 4: ‘My company doesn’t need BI and won’t benefit from it’.

Fact: It’s all about making quicker, more informed decisions by manipulating the business analytics data you already have. Name me a company who doesn’t need to identify cross-selling opportunities, determine how to make efficiencies, improve margins and develop stock management and pricing.

Myth 5: ‘Setting up BI is complicated, resource intensive and time consuming’.

Fact: A good business intelligence software tool should be easy to install: Phocas can often be implemented within a matter of days.

We’re eager to explain more – for more information on any of the facts we’ve presented above, feel free to Contact Us.

Written by Phocas Software
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