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How electrical suppliers are transforming using data analytics

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How electrical suppliers are transforming using data analytics

According to IBISWorld the electrical wholesale industry generated $219bn in the last 12 months in the US, UK and Australia and has an expected annual grow rate of two per cent. Those using data analytics are reportedly getting a $9 return for every dollar spent. Here's how traditional electrical supply companies are transforming their operations with data.

Savvy electrical wholesale industry players are embracing a calculated and coordinated effort from all areas of the business to be successful. The pace of business and strength of competition has seen a need for data analytics in day-to-day operations. Here's how two mid-market electrical wholesalers are using data analytics to stay competitive:

Phocas helps managers understand customers and purchasing patterns

Canada-based Mercury Lighting (Mercury) has found ways to increase sales, reduce costs and motivate its sales force with data analytics. The largest independent lighting solutions provider in Canada has experienced a dramatic change in the marketplace, driven by technology.

Eric Tordjman, one of the owners of Mercury, said, “The old methods of buying materials and hanging on to them for six months and not knowing if and when you’re going to sell them no longer works. Data has taken our understanding of customers and their purchasing patterns, as well as market conditions, to another level. We used to be very reactive in our approach, but today we have access to better information.”

Mining data from its SAP ERP system and organizing it a way that is digestible is one of the core benefits of its data analytics solution. As its users are given access to reporting and analytics, Tordjman needs it to make sense so they can identify patterns and trends, so they can then measure and develop pathways to success. Tordjman added, “There’s always a question of, ‘How did it happen?’"

Mining the data gives Mercury and its team that understanding. Data analytics answers the why and the how, which can often be the biggest challenge.

Phocas helps VP use data to make strategic decisions

Revere Electric Supply has been operating for 100 years but as the business has grown and changed, so has its culture and its IT needs. "Analytics is what we do, and with the right ERP, CRM and BI solutions, we are in a much better position because of our ability to use data to make more strategic decisions, " says Vice President, Mike Prepelica.

Purchasing can now identify dead inventory and make smarter inventory decisions earlier while the credit team can make faster decisions on ageing accounts. Prepelica noted a lot of effort going on in other areas of the business, including in the warehouse, where analytics has never been done. And the IT team is also building executive dashboards, testing a customer profitability module and is planning to build product hierarchy for sales specialists that will measure technical segments on the industrial side of Revere’s business.

Revere has streamlined access to data in a reliable and verifiable format while the simplicity of its data analytics solution has made it easy to roll out to users of all skill levels across the organization.

Written by Katrina Walter
Katrina Walter

Katrina is a professional writer with experience in business and tech. She explains how data can work for business people without all the tech jargon. She is always on the look out for new ways data is being used by business people to know more and be sustainable.

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