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Phocas Software Putting the Spark in United Electric’s Data

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United Electric

If you’re in the electrical industry and you’re not using Phocas Software, there are many new and exciting opportunities for you to learn more about your business and improve your profit and revenue.

Many businesses in the electrical industry are already using Phocas to make faster and smarter business decisions. One such company is United Electric Supply.

When the team at United Electric embarked on a project to implement a business intelligence software tool, they intended to solve two business issues. The first was the slow, laborious process of preparing reporting and analysis for key business meetings. The second was that the reports weren’t delivering what the business needed.

So the hunt for a BI solution began. United wanted a tool that was easy to use and could deliver information that the business needed.

To determine whether Phocas would meet these principles, we presented a 15 minute demo to United Electric’s Sales VPs, and left them to play with the software for a few days.

Here’s United Electric’s Director of Organizational Improvement, Rich Chadwick:

“[Our staff] came back shortly afterwards and said they were amazed with what kind of info they could get and how easy and quickly they could get it.”

“Perhaps the most outstanding thing is that we are able to get IMMEDIATE answers. Are we selling them a full range of products? Who is buying this brand? How is it comparing to last year?”

Phocas has helped United Electric spot new sales opportunities that weren’t obvious before with static reporting. Chadwick and the United team also use Phocas to spot problems and negative issues. There has been a shift in the way data is consumed. Rather than relying on monthly reports, the sales and management teams use Phocas during meetings – particularly in quarterly reviews.

United Electric
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