Phocas Financial Statements

Financials at the heart of your business are brought to life


Track your business performance

Phocas Financial Statements allows you to track your business performance alongside your sales, inventory and marketing data for a complete financial picture.


Do more than scratch the surface

Businesses want feature rich budgeting, planning and forecasting capabilities for flexible financial reporting and analysis. Phocas can help you get there in a consolidated solution. 

Permission-based access Give branch and district leaders permission-based access to financial datasets to run their numbers, see their profit and loss/income statement, and reduce reporting demands on finance teams.
On-the-fly analysis Transforms cumbersome financial reporting jobs into on-the-fly analysis, and really fast answer finding. Bring Phocas functionality into your financial dataset consolidation and analysis.
Quick answers Use the Phocas Grid to do your analysis in a structured view and do all the filtering, and all the question asking/answering you might want to do.
Powerful and simple Arm your team with access to key financials data, and they can filter the data any way they like, and produce a P&L around that information. Phocas is a powerful and simple way to give your users access and control.
Follow the money Quickly view the split between investing,financing and operating activities to track cash flow at the beginning and end of finance periods specified by you.
Better planning Use Phocas trial balance mode to display a list of closing balances of accounts on a certain date and, in keeping with a typical trial balance, help locate errors. This is the first step towards the preparation of financial statements.

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