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The latest from our online training series
Each session lasts approximately 1 hour.

2021/22 online series

2021/22 online series

2021 online series

PUG.talks 2021/2022 online series

The latest from our online webinar series
Each session lasts approximately 25-mins.

academy_module_pugliveAUAU PUG.talks
5 ways to reduce finance admin time with data analytics

academy_module_pugliveAUAU PUG.talks
4 ways dashboards provide more insight into financial performance

academy_module_pugliveAUAU PUG.talks
Leveraging additional data streams recordings

Mix and match sessions from our annual user events
Sessions range from 20-40 minutes in duration.


PUG.liveAU 2019
16 May - Melbourne / 23 May - Sydney


PUG.liveUK 2019
11 June 2019, Leicester


PUG.liveUS 2019
7-9 Oct 2019, Atlanta

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