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    Phocas BI vs. sales-I

    Learn how Phocas compares to Sales-I in the world's largest independent review of business intelligence products.

    In this year’s BARC The BI Survey 18, more than 3,000 BI users provided feedback about their use of 36 leading business intelligence (BI) software solutions.  The survey is the largest and most comprehensive survey of BI users in the world, and this year’s survey compared solutions across 30 different Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

    Among the BI solutions that Phocas is frequently compared to in head-to-head competitive bids, particularly in the wholesale industry in the U.K., is sales-i. To better understand how Phocas differentiates from this software, we compiled the results of The BI Survey 18 and compared how users ranked the two solutions in multiple KPIs. The results will show that in key KPIs, including product satisfaction, business benefits, recommendation and vendor support, Phocas outperformed sales-I — and, in some cases, by a two-to-one margin.

    Project Success

    The reason many companies invest in new software is because they expect that the change will enhance processes and procedures, improve efficiencies and result in more successful projects (otherwise, why change?).

    For the Project Success KPI, users were asked to rate how well their BI software helped them complete projects on time and on budget and the level of satisfaction in the implementation process. For this KPI, Phocas was ranked number one, receiving a perfect score of 10 out of 10 in all three peer groups. Sales-i received a score of 5.2, which was the last place score in the Americas-focused vendors peer group. The average score for the group was a 7.9.

    This is the second year in a row that Phocas ranked as the top software vendor in Project Success, and the fifth year in row that it has at least been a leader in this KPI. BARC attributes this performance to “Phocas’ specialization in the retail, manufacturing and wholesale distribution verticals. The company’s consulting teams are experts in these fields and often build custom solutions from pre-built, out-of-the-box content based on the customer’s vertical and ERP system. This guarantees a fast implementation time and high customer satisfaction.”

    Business Benefits

    Like Project Success, companies are looking for solutions that will add value to their businesses. For the Business Benefits KPI, BI software users were asked to rank their BI solutions on the achievement level of a variety of business benefits, including the following:

    • Better business decisions
    • Faster reporting, analysis or planning
    • Improved data quality
    • More accurate reporting, analysis or planning
    • Improved operational efficiency

    For this KPI, Phocas received a score of 8.6 while sales-i received a score of 3.8.  This is the eighth year in a row that Phocas has been named a leader or top-ranked in the Business Benefits KPI. BARC attributes Phocas’ consistent performance to “the maturity and reliability of Phocas’ product, which delivers the landmark benefits that all BI vendors aspire to provide.” Current and potential customers can expect a number of business benefits. Rashay’s Casual Dining, a growing chain of restaurants, is benefitting from Phocas’ intuitive reporting and quick and simple data analysis, which has made Rashays a more efficient operation.

    Company executives and store managers can now have a clear picture of performance by location, time and even menu item. CEO Roman Tepes’ favorite part of Phocas is the matrix feature that allows him to compare dimensions such as place, people and product so he can quickly and easily identify who is buying certain products, but not others, and run targeted promotions accordingly.

    “It’s so easy to see and analyze at any level: stores, products, members, sales, and really, anything else we want to see,” added Tepes.


    When you have the right solution that is providing business benefits and helping your team complete successful projects, users are likely to recommend your solution to their peers. Much of Phocas’ growth is attributed to customer recommendations, so it’s no surprise that Phocas outscored sales-i 10 to 7.3. Once again, Phocas scored perfect 10s in all three peer groups, including the Amercas-focused vendors where sales-i ranked below the peer group average of 8.1. This is the fourth consecutive year that Phocas has had the highest proportion of customers indicating they would recommend its BI software to others.

    BARC explained, “This is an impressive achievement in such a competitive market, and when customers expect more and more from their BI tool each year. Taking the top-ranked position for the ‘Recommendation’ KPI in all three of its peer groups is indicative of Phocas’ dedication to its customers and continual investment in the product. This result is likely supported by its large and increasing number of partners who choose to integrate Phocas into their products and resell Phocas to their customers.”

    Provet, a leading animal health distribution company, uses Phocas to slice and dice data to improve data-driven decisions. Getting data out of its infrastructure was a challenge, but with Phocas, the company is able to make quicker and better decisions based on hard data rather than gut feel.

    Provet COO Joe Best said, “Phocas has made a big difference — it has given our management the ability to slice and dice data, and they don’t need to waste time manipulating spreadsheets, pivot tables etc. We use it to look for gaps in customer spending — leakage, what’s up and down, measuring results and impact of marketing campaigns. For example, customer sales may be up, but Phocas may spot leakage they would not have known about before.”

    To sum up, Best says, “I’d recommend Phocas to anybody managing a large number of customers and products. Could we do without it? NO — we are making better decisions and faster decisions as a result of Phocas. It’s a great product.”

    For a more comprehensive comparative review of additional KPIs, download the Phocas vs. sales-i highlights document.


    Written by Phocas Software
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