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    Phocas secures 34 top rankings in BARC's The BI Survey

    Phocas is recommended by 100% of customers and continues to outpace BI competitors in many KPIs in its peer groups, according to the largest BI user survey in the world.

    From March to June this year, more than 3,000 people provided detailed feedback about 36 business intelligence (BI) tools and solutions, including Looker, Microsoft Power BI, QlikView, SAP Analytics Cloud, Sisense, Tableau and Yellowfin. They rated the software across 34 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and Phocas is featured in three different peer groups: Americas-focused vendors, ad-hoc reporting focused products and data discovery-focused products.

    In total, Phocas finished on top of 34 rankings and received 49 leading positions across the three groups. Phocas has a 28 percent adoption rate compared to the industry average of 18 percent.

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    Among the other key findings in the survey include:

    • 100 percent of surveyed users would recommend Phocas
    • 97 percent rate Phocas’ functionality for ad hoc queries as excellent or good compared to 77 percent for the average BI tool
    • 90 percent of surveyed users rate Phocas’ vendor support as excellent or good compared to 41 percent average
    • 91 percent rate Phocas’ price-to-value as excellent or good compared to the average of 65 percent 
    • 81 percent report no significant problems in the use of Phocas compared to the average 41  percent 

    “This year’s BARC survey validates our commitment to delivering affordable data analytics that everyone can use,” said Myles Glashier, co-CEO of Phocas. “The wide-spread adoption combined with people creating dashboards and running ad-hoc queries means Phocas is an integral part of their workday. Phocas customers get value from the software whether it’s freeing up time or helping drive efficiencies. As we look at the history of our participation in The BI Survey, including this year, we couldn’t be happier with our track record, and how we compete and win against the perceived BI leaders in the industry.”

    Phocas swept the top rankings across all three peer groups for business benefits, business value, data preparation, ease of use, mobile BI, project success and recommendation. Phocas also received top rankings in two of three peer groups in ad hoc query, customer satisfaction and vendor support.

    Glashier added, “What is most encouraging for us is our consistency year-over-year across categories that customers value. We consistently achieve the top rankings in business value and business benefits, as well as in areas that continue to trend in importance for companies around the world such as ease of use, mobile BI and project success. The fact that all of our customers said they would recommend Phocas is telling of our execution and how important their success with data analytics is to our team.”

    “Phocas is a leader or top-ranked in a number of KPIs in all its peer groups,” said Carsten Bange, Founder of BARC. “The software’s consistent performance speaks to the maturity and reliability of Phocas’ product, which delivers the landmark benefits and value that all BI vendors aspire to provide. For the last five years, Phocas has had the highest proportion of customers say they would definitely recommend the product to others. This is an impressive achievement in such a competitive market, and when customers expect more and more from their BI tool each year.”

    To download the full report of Phocas in The BI Survey 19,  click here or on the button below.

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    Written by Phocas Software
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    Successful Business Intelligence - Phocas Software

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