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    In this blog, I will reflect on our appearance at Automechanika 2014 (a automotive trade show in Frankfurt, Germany).



    I went to bed the night before Phocas’ first attendance at Automechanika 2014 in a very excited mood, thinking that all the hard work I had done prior to the show had culminated into me being in the position to coordinate and execute Phocas’ attendance at the world’s largest automotive tradeshow in the form of Automechanika Frankfurt 2014 and being grateful for being given the opportunity to be a part of such a massive event. With this sense of enthusiasm running through my veins, Murphy’s law made sure nothing went our way on the morning of the show. The internet gods were not favouring us as I watched a clunky internet not work for anyone but me and my sales director’s patience wore thin with every failed attempt to connect. The universe, though, has a funny way of throwing all these hurdles at you and I knew it couldn’t last for the whole show.

    auto1   auto2
    The Phocas Team at Automechanika 2014   Phocas welcomes Transpec Ltd 
    auto3   auto4
    Phocas Welcomes AEP Ltd   Phocas welcomes Exedy Clutch Europe Ltd  

    However, the next day after more failed attempts of internet connection I made the decision to neaten up our stand and move an electrical cord which led to me unintentionally removing the connection to the lights and putting myself and my sales director in a very unwelcoming dark and internet-free zone. It was not going our way at all. Simultaneously I also placed all the graphics for our stand in the hands of a courier service which couldn’t tell me when my goods would be delivered and so began the heart palpitations until the package was delivered, which would hopefully be on time because the show started the very next day! This would prove to be a very interesting start to my first trade show experience.

    They arrived! After the wonderful sight of our graphics being delivered on time and a brief set up period that involved a few coffees and some handyman work we were keen to put our preparation day behind us and get up and running - preparing ourselves for a big week for Phocas at Automechanika. 

    Our week at started off brightly, my colleagues and I set about bringing people to the stand and the Phocas demos began. The stand was full nearly every day for the rest of the show. I even had the privilege of demoing to a worldwide after-parts distributor which was easily the most nerve wracking experience of my life as I’m fairly new to the live demoing side of things. Our sales director, it has to be said, was on fire, like the Wolf of Wall Street himself, and almost every demo that we started had a positive ending which subsequently led to us bettering our record for most signees at a trade show. Ultimately the week went down fantastically well after all the ups and downs we experienced. The universe had repaid me for my hard work.

    Deciding on what software to purchase, implement and commit to in the space of a 20 minute demonstration at a busy trade show is not a decision most people consider in such a time frame. That is the power of Phocas, in my short time at the company the one thing I have discovered is that the product speaks volumes and all who engage with it absolutely love it. Phocas’ first attempt at Automechanika was a long and hard planning process with many learning curves and bumps on the road to the show. The bottom line is when you have a product so fantastic all you ever need is a couple of minutes with someone for them to see the benefits. Phocas’ goal at Automechanika 2014 was simple: To educate potential customers on the benefits of business intelligence and its place in the automotive industry.

    For the next show:

    The future of business intelligence in automotive has just begun and following our success at this year’s Automechanika you can bet Phocas will be there at Automechanika 2016 to do it all again. 

    A big thank you to all the people we met with at the show and a big warm welcome to our new customers pictured above. We look forward to working with them.

    If you’d like to find out more about Phocas’ Successful Business Intelligence then book your 1 on 1 demo here.


    Written by Cale Bannister

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