Lunch and learN

Driving efficiencies with data

Join our series of weekly 15-minute lunch and learn sessions to discover how you can use your data to drive business efficiencies, and maximise performance.

Each session is presented by one of our data specialists and will help you discover even more ways to get the most out of your data.



Create a consolidated financial view for multiple periods C-Suite reporting 

Presented by solutions consultant manager, Harry Eldridge
In this session, learn how to create a consolidated financial report for multiple periods reporting to C-Suite level stakeholders by: 

  • Pulling data from Phocas Financial Statements 
  • Creating custom reports 
  • Building multiple periods and variance columns 
  • Speed, ease of use with reusable layouts 



How to create budgets that allow flexible sales targeting using market trends 

Presented by solutions consultant, Paul Mason
In this session, learn how to create a sales budget using multiple measures and account for market trends such as: 

  • Quantity and price 
  • Inflation and price increases 
  • Interest and exchange rates 



How to combine stock trends and supplier performance to drive warehouse efficiency using dashboards and custom reports  

Presented by solutions consultant, Peter Bushell
In this session, learn how Phocas can help identify opportunities to optimise your stock and supply chain by using:  

  • Stock cover reports 
  • Supplier performance monitoring 
  • Multiple streams to track weekly sales, stock and intake 



NEW FEATURE: Phocas Forecasting  
How to reforecast onto your budgets and decrease your budgeting periods. 

Presented by solutions consultant manager, Harry Eldridge
In this session, we will demonstrate how to use Phocas Forecasting to: 

  • Create part-year reforecasts such as 3+9, 5+7 
  • Help you plan for the current financial year 

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