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Agent for Change – Does BI Really Have to Wait?

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Agent for Change – Does BI Really Have to Wait?

Business Intelligence (BI) software can be the key to releasing your business from the fetters of a legacy ERP system, thereby reducing the risks and disruptions associated with a major and expensive systems upgrade.

Unfortunately, many organizations mistakenly believe that you need to upgrade your ERP system and have that bedded down before you invest in a business intelligence software tool. The truth is that by investing in your BI strategy and business reporting tools first, you can save substantial costs and minimise the risks associated with a major ERP upgrade.

Agent for Change

Implementing a new ERP system can be a massive and costly undertaking. The initial evaluation and assessment phase to final sign off can take years. It can be disruptive, requiring extensive involvement from all levels of management and extensive retraining of staff.

Even after twelve months, you still won’t be there and have all your reporting processes completed. Scoping requirements is an ongoing process that continues throughout the implementation. Not to mention, that these projects are almost always over budget and always over time.

A new ERP system can take three years to fully roll out – can you really wait that long to start generating sales reports and analysis?

With Phocas BI, you can ensure consistency and continuity in sales reporting and analysis as the new ERP system is rolled out worldwide. It will also maintain access to the transactional history and reporting without the headache of data migration, and assist in benchmarking the success and ROI (Return-on-investment) of the new ERP implementation.

The Phocas BI solution is quick, easy and very cost effective to implement. As well as the long term benefits of assisting the change management process, the new reporting processes can deliver immediate benefits by overcoming the limitations of an existing ERP and reporting system. Greater ability to analyse sales and business performance leads to greater flexibility and agility in responding to customer expectations and changes in your market.

Saving Time and Money

Fees for an ERP consultant are typically $250 per hour. If you need to get one to spend hours over weeks and months to customize your reporting, project costs can quickly blow out. Implementing your BI solution first will save a small fortune in customizing reports and consultant fees.

Phocas BI, with its low cost and short commitment time, can lead to substantial improvements in your reporting and decision making processes. That means improved monitoring and management of sales, improved pricing strategies and improved processes for managing customers.

Discover how to save time and money on your next ERP implementation with a Phocas BI (Business Intelligence) solution.

Written by Rick Toepfer
Rick Toepfer

Rick has decades of management experience in data and tech. He currently oversees the Phocas strategic partner model working with key ERP Publishers and buying groups such as Epicor, Kerridge Commercial Systems, Affiliated Distributors, Infor, Sage and SAP. Rick is a problem-solver and connects like-minded people.

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