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Phocas is named top dashboard software in FrontRunners

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Phocas is named top dashboard software in FrontRunners

Phocas is named the top dashboard software by Software Advice. FrontRunners helps businesses evaluate which software products may be right for them. Verified end-user reviews and product data is evaluated, then Software Advice positions the top scoring products based on usability and customer satisfaction ratings. Phocas scored highest in both categories, with a usability score of 4.95/5 and a customer satisfaction score of 4.75/5.

Myles Glashier, co-CEO of Phocas says dashboards are essential tools for business managers, so he’s glad customers value the dashboard software — and most importantly — use them.

“The way our customers respond to and use our software is significant to us. Lots of vendors (and customers selecting dashboard tools) spend loads of time looking at how many chart types they have and how beautiful they are. Choice is good but surely the most important thing to the user is whether they are using them every day to make the decisions they need to,” explains Glashier.

Software Advice uses reviews from active software users to highlight the top-rated dashboard software products. The software must offer three features to be eligible for the dashboards category: data source integrations, KPI monitoring and single page view. The FrontRunners for dashboard software report is available here.

Top Dashboard Software

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The usability score (x-axis) is a weighted average of two user ratings from the last 24 months, which are “functionality” and “ease-of-use”.

The customer satisfaction score (y-axis) is a weighted average of three user ratings in the same period which are “value for money”, “likelihood to recommend” and “customer support”. Products receive a score between one and five for each axis. Products that meet a minimum score for each axis are included as FrontRunners.

Here’s some examples of what the users wrote in their reviews about Phocas in Software Advice’s Frontrunners dashboard software report.

Jorge, Health Care Logistics

This software allows me to gather databases from all over the organization and present to our users via dashboard/report or let them drive their own reporting.

Graham, Oil and Energy

The set-up of the data was quick and easy (with great support from the Phocas guys), and ability to drill down from top-line data right into the detail of a transaction is what makes Phocas a great tool for us. Phocas is widely used across our business to track and analyse sales data, finance data and purchasing data with future plans to add more modules.

Mike, Electrical Wholesale

What I most like about Phocas is I can get to the information I need by how I think about it. While someone else in my company can get to the same exact information in a totally different manner. The great thing is we get to the same exact information.

James, Wholesale Distribution

It is giving us an insight we have never had before into our performance. I am most excited about the ability to draw in different strands of information from the various software platforms we operate as part of the business. We generate so much data that frankly it’s too intimidating to consider analysis of it all without the services of Phocas

*Required disclaimer: FrontRunners constitute the subjective opinions of individual end-user reviews, ratings, and data applied against a documented methodology; they neither represent the views of, nor constitute an endorsement by, Software Advice or its affiliates.

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