Phocas + SAP
Business One

Prebuilt data analytics solution designed for SAP Business One users

How can Phocas help you?

Phocas is a companywide data analytics solution

It pulls together all the relevant data from your existing systems and presents it in a way that is easy to understand and action. See how it works:


Get benefits like Medical Supply Company and others:

  • dive from high-level business summary to company-wide detail in seconds
  • access from any device, anywhere
  • deploy in cloud or on premise
  • profit and loss, balance sheet analysis on the fly and reports
  • accounts receivable and accounts payable analysis
  • cash flow data
  • inventory value and quantity on-hand across all warehouses
  • open / historical / future / outstanding orders
  • identify inventory that is selling and, even more importantly, that isn’t
  • identify cross-selling and new sales opportunities
  • targeted promotions

Join the many SAP Business One users that rely on Phocas to get more value and business insights from your data


How does it work?


Phocas for SAP Business One demo


Phocas is low cost, very fast, very effective and has a painless integration. For someone who’s considering introducing new software to analyse their business, you need to talk to other Phocas users and see what it’s done for them."

Phil Rose, managing director at ICCONS

Do you want to learn more?


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