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A cloud-based budget planning solution to make collaboration easy and ongoing

Built using the latest technologies, Phocas Budgeting and Forecasting is a dynamic and user-friendly cloud-based solution that automates the manual budgeting process. All your data and reports are saved in the cloud, enabling you to securely access your financial budget plans and forecasts and seek feedback from area owners with a workflow-based financial budget approval process. The solution provides an intuitive Phocas interface, while retaining familiar spreadsheet formats to accelerate adoption.

Accurate budgets and forecasts
Turn your budgets into living, value-add tools and replace the static, outdated versions that you create just once a year.
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With user-friendly workflows you no longer need to worry about
version control issues, security of sensitive data or audit trails

Multiple people can work in the same worksheet, updating it in real-time, all seeing the most recent data, and working on the same version. Budget contributors more readily engage in the process, gain deeper understanding of financial data and are more accountable for their numbers. And benefits abound for finance team members who gain lost time from not chasing and cross-checking numbers.

Take advantage of the non-financial and operational data such as your sales or purchasing data, to do driver-based planning. Re-forecast estimates during the budget period or prepare a rolling forecast to keep pace with changing market conditions. So you always have a clear picture of your business.


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Automate and streamline budget collaboration with an intuitive assignment, submission, and approval process for each account code line. With built-in security set by Finance, GL codes are only visible to the rightful people.


Designed to have familiar spreadsheet features while retaining a modern Phocas feel, users can navigate the budget worksheet with ease, add commentary to cells and have visibility to other users’ changes in real-time.


Data in non-financial databases can be leveraged so that the true budget drivers including sales, headcount and capital expenditure data are included in your budgeting process.


Re-forecast estimates during the budget period or prepare a rolling forecast which will form the basis of the next year’s budget. Prepare your forecasts easily, by bringing in current year actuals to-date and revising budget assumptions.


Model different scenarios and analyze the impact of each scenario on your business’ financial position.

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Shorten budget cycle times and engage your stakeholders with an intuitive tool

User-friendly budgeting allows contributors to readily engage in the process, gain deeper understanding of the financial data and be more accountable for their numbers.

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Continuous planning with rolling forecasts

Easily re-forecast on a quarterly or even monthly basis to ensure your business is adapting to fast-changing market conditions.


Model different scenarios

Be prepared to pivot your business and mitigate risk with the help of what-if scenario planning.

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Forecasting beta users

More feedback from our customers

We had been looking for a faster & simpler way to budget to replace Excel. The first impression with Budgeting and Forecasting during testing and working with the team at Phocas has been enlightening. We believe Phocas will help us implement the great game of business methodology within our business, getting more of our team engaged and understanding the secret language of business 'the financials'.

Billy Hart

Group CFO, HG Group

The platform offers great flexibility to create budgets from past results of sales and financial data (also in Phocas), with control when working with multiple contributors and entities. As we move our budgeting process onto this platform it will save hundreds of hours of data entry and validation.

Mitchell Suckling

System Manager, HG Group

Phocas Budgeting and Forecasting is an excellent addition to Phocas’ financial offering. It will allow us to budget more thoroughly while saving time. I love that you are able to assign category/accounts to individuals for review, to ensure each department has a say in the budgeting process. I am looking forward to rolling out this product with our live data to budget for 2021.

Justin Capar

Controller, American Metals Supply Company

The potential to centralize WD40’s entire Europe budgeting program into a single source of truth. The advantages of combining sales data budgets onto the GL is a game-changer for the budgeting process. It removes complex spreadsheets and coupled with workflow and approval processes, ensures the business is only a click away from seeing the current status of budgets or forecasts.

Jonathan Kemp

MD, Wisx + Epicor implementation partner, WD40

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