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Online training | Next level

These training sessions will be presented by members of our customer experience team, and will help you discover even more ways to get the most out of your data.

All sessions will be held at 2pm British local time. 



Session descriptions 

Jan 21


Phocas advanced: presented by customer success consultant, Stewart Wood 

Dive deeper into your data than ever before. This session covers how to: 
  • find and set alerts for customers that have stopped buying
  • uncover products with low margins
  • understand the value of your dead stock

Feb 18


Custom mode + advanced search: presented by customer success consultant, Sarah Smith

Customise the way you calculate, edit, or rearrange columns in the grid to dive deeper into your data than ever before. This session covers how to: 
  • combine multiple data streams into one view displayed across your defined dimensions 
  • build custom reports
  • use advanced search to uncover new sales opportunities (e.g expose customers that have stopped buying, low margin products, etc)

Mar 18


KPI reporting: presented by major accounts consultant, Matt Harwood 

Identify key business KPIs and track them regularly to be ahead of the game. 
In this session, learn how to create a dashboard to:
  • track revenue against budget
  • identify your key customer groups
  • better manage your stock levels
  • quickly assess this information across your business