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    A new BI solution for the construction industry

    A new partnership between Phocas Software and Aktion Associates will empower construction businesses to use their data to make critical business decisions and improve planning. The partnership integrates Phocas business intelligence software with Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate and Sage 100 Contractor accounting and project management software to help users manage all aspects of their operations. The integrated BI reporting solution, Aktion Analytics powered by Phocas, is available to Sage 300 and Sage 100 customers exclusively through Aktion.

    Aktion Analytics aims to help construction industry businesses improve profitability, drive project efficiencies and mitigate risks by providing an accessible and easy-to-understand business intelligence solution. With dashboards, visualizations and scorecards, these organizations will have the ability to quickly analyze their key business data for improved decision making. The analytics and reporting software is accessible to users of all skill levels any time and from any device.

    “We recognized a need for a powerful, flexible and user-friendly business intelligence and reporting solution in the construction industry, so the opportunity to lean on Aktion’s industry knowledge and experience made this partnership an easy decision,” said Jay Deubler, president of Phocas U.S. “Our partnership with Aktion is all about driving customer success by providing them clear and concise analytics they can use to improve their decision making. We look forward to working with Aktion to help its customers take advantage of the power of Aktion Analytics.”

    “Competition and the pace of the construction industry demand that companies use data to improve processes, drive efficiencies, and identify new opportunities and trends,” said Steve Handly, Vice President Construction Division at Aktion Associates. “Our Phocas-powered analytics solution ensures that our customers can fully embrace a data-driven mindset and culture. We have no doubt that they will come to value Aktion Analytics’ intuitive interface and all the BI capabilities now available at their fingertips.”

    Aktion Analytics is available exclusively through Aktion Associates. 

    For more information about a BI solution for your industry and Phocas ERP partner program, check out the partner section of our website.

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    Successful Business Intelligence - Phocas Software
    Successful Business Intelligence - Phocas Software

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