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    We are happy to be a B Corp Certified business

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    What is Driver Based Planning?

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    latest posts

    New Phocas feature integrates sales and operational drivers

    3 MIN
    latest posts

    What is Driver Based Planning?

    3 MIN
    latest posts

    New Phocas feature integrates sales and operational drivers

    3 MIN
    latest posts

    We are happy to be a B Corp Certified business

    2 MIN

    We are happy to be a B Corp Certified business

    The 15 most important Financial KPIs in the data decade

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    Jardan slashes reporting time with Phocas

    How KLN Brands support 11% growth and move forward with Phocas

    Why the future of finance depends on new skills

    5 things you need for financial reporting in the data decade (and how to get them)

    Smart Financial Statements: What business leaders need to know

    How to get smart Financial Statements and improve profitability

    How to improve forecast accuracy

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    Why it’s time to rethink financial forecasting

    7 effective sales team KPIs and metrics

    Here's what's really holding back your finance transformation

    The data trends you need to know for 2022

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    5 tips for Valentine's Day date happiness and beyond

    New Year's resolution for CFOs: more data discovery

    [podcast] Anticipating customer needs is the future of B2B sales

    Phocas Software is one of first 100 members of the Tech Council of Australia

    Timberline Bathroom Products deepens its product analysis to boost steady growth trajectory

    Why driver-based planning is important for modern FP&A

    Dynamic vs static financial reporting: key differences

    5 ways to achieve financial process automation

    Top 10 financial analysis blogs of 2021

    Delivery in full on time: Why it matters and how you can improve

    Phocas is an “out of the garage” finalist: a global growth award

    Actionable data is business intelligence

    Capital Coated Steel uses real-time data to react faster to change

    How to get your KPIs on track with data analytics

    Need more people with data analytics skills? here’s your solution

    [podcast] What is vendor managed inventory and how does it work at Caprice Homewares?

    Quiz: data analytics for executives

    Data is key to e-commerce success at Hein Electric Supply

    How to measure stock on hand, over stock, under stock and dead stock quickly and simply

    How to get a quick ROI from business intelligence software

    Festival wraps with leverage ratios

    Strongdor uses data to future proof operations

    Make day-to-day financial tasks a treat, not a trick

    Keep the festival going with efficiency ratios

    How to increase profitability in the automotive industry

    How to use BI to gain competitive advantage in business

    More festival vibes with liquidity ratios

    Taste the difference: Transform your financial spreadsheets

    Utilize financial analytics to ensure mergers & acquisitions success

    What festival vibes can be given to profitability ratios

    Phocas software ranks in Capterra’s best financial reporting tools of 2021

    5 trends in the building and industrial materials industry

    Data integration helps FB Chain analyze data in new ways

    4 steps to digitize the finance office

    How to promote a company culture that relies on data

    Are you keen to speed up the month-end close process?

    Wilkinson Supply uses a data platform to extend life of legacy ERP

    Negotiate better with suppliers using data analytics

    What is data discovery?

    How to get the most from your Net Promoter Score (NPS)

    Five tips for effective business management in the hybrid workplace

    Khaos Control plus Phocas bring data-driven decision making to wholesalers & retailers

    Collaborative FP&A – a Q+A session to understand how it works

    4 key areas to analyze for 'a new normal' business growth strategy

    More validation of staffing models can take pressure off cashflow

    A new award reinforces the Phocas culture is our superpower

    Ongoing growth at American Golf requires fast, reliable information

    Make headcount planning integrate with budget and drive business success

    What is dead stock and how to eliminate it

    Chairman’s statement - FY2021

    [podcast] The ins and outs of data at Midwich: a global audio visual business

    How to overcome reporting challenges in your business

    How can financial data analytics enhance decision-making?

    5 ways to effectively manage employee performance (through BI)

    Phocas is a NASBA-approved CPE sponsor and explains collaborative FP&A

    How to use your sales database to drive your budget

    7 top sales KPIs for manufacturing teams

    What is an interactive dashboard?

    Why companies need cross-functional teams to be ready for growth

    Have you tried these 4 strategies to improve electrical supply sales?

    How to maintain business continuity with ongoing disruption

    Track KPIs to achieve inventory nirvana across all channels

    Bring your profit and loss statement to life and react faster to emerging trends

    Phocas rates 50/50 in Capterra's top data analysis tools of 2021

    Phocas and Epicor partnership on display at Insights 2021

    How to get your sales team ready for data Olympics

    What is a data analytics pricing model?

    Why inventory management is the key to omnichannel success

    How sales strategies need to adapt beyond covid

    data refinement: when data is less like gold and more like manure

    The 4 best sales reps tools in a tight market

    Phocas and Enapps ERP to help SMEs maximize growth opportunities

    Stock Coverage: days cover calculation and other stock metrics

    Retain customers with a data platform

    What is the connection between business intelligence and ERP?

    Has covid killed relationship selling?

    The Ultimate Business Intelligence Quiz

    Key metrics all in one place for JRP Distribution’s global businesses

    BI strategy: Why the CFO needs to be involved?

    How to evaluate business intelligence software vendors

    Seasonal stock control trends: Do you have your products ready?

    Carve out a competitive advantage by adding data analytics to your ERP

    Why the sales dashboards is not dead

    The future of data analytics for mid-market managers

    How to increase HVAC and plumbing supply sales with BI

    How to automate financial statements in minutes

    The business case for data analytics

    5 common business intelligence problems

    How to achieve corporate financial performance on a mid-market budget

    Why add external data sources (like HR systems) to your analysis?

    How to get data access and visibility across an organization

    How to create a data driven culture in your organization

    Business KPIs: 5 important characteristics to be effective

    How companywide financial planning and analysis works on a BI platform

    The Phocas homepage gets a facelift

    Why financial transparency improves employee confidence?

    3 steps to a successful business intelligence data process

    Learnings from the virtual conference circuit

    Phocas adds MCLOUD3 to its partner roster

    [podcast] Can caring for others drive business performance?

    Phocas is the GetApp category leader in business intelligence

    Why employ one chief data officer when you can have many

    How your data can increase customer retention

    Data mining is more efficient for Colony Tire Service and Atlantic Distributors

    How to ensure you have proactive data analytics

    Dave Boorman brings business nous to Phocas

    What is Business intelligence (BI) and its application?

    Inside sales versus outside sales: How BI helps with both

    Need healthcare analytics? here's four ways it can enhance your business

    The science of fact based decision-making

    Excel vs Business Intelligence Software

    Phocas applies for bCorp accreditation

    Cash flow statement customization made easy

    Phocas-Acumatica partnership makes ERP change easier for Riley Sales

    Find the next steps in your analytics journey

    How business intelligence is used?

    How to address decision fatigue and move ahead in business?

    What lessons can business learn from football analytics?

    Build trust in your business data so you feel more confident

    Getting the most from your visual BI solution

    KPIs vs. Metrics: 5 ways data analytics can help monitor performance

    How to promote interdepartmental communication using business intelligence

    Strategies for making budgeting and planning more efficient

    BI reporting versus traditional reporting

    3 simple steps to cross selling success

    What is Cloud Business Intelligence (Cloud BI)?

    What's new in BI visualizations

    5 reasons to get rid of your Excel budget template

    Data-driven decisions help tire and auto service business increase efficiencies

    What do customers want? and how to deliver

    How to find sales revenue in your data

    How can business intelligence dashboards help executives?

    What is variance? Plus other budgeting tips

    Inventory days formula and why it's useful

    How to empower your team to make decisions

    Increase your sales by asking these six questions

    Free business analytics software. Is it worth it?

    How to achieve a seamless budgeting process

    How to get beyond limited data analysis and reporting

    3 ways advanced data analytics can improve customer service

    Midfix replaces static spreadsheets with on-demand dashboards

    5 ways to eliminate spreadsheet dependency with a new budgeting tool

    Phocas and Mayer Group partner to provide data analytics to Acumatica ERP customers

    [podcast] International Women's Day with Phocas board member Dr Michelle Deaker

    How data analytics can increase medical device sales

    Five ways to increase profit margins in distribution

    How information gives companies a competitive advantage

    Collaborative solutions for companywide budget consolidation

    5 steps to become a great sales manager

    Reduce costs with a data analytics bootcamp

    Phocas launches new budgeting software

    A critical leadership quality is data-driven decision-making

    BI stands for and other handy data terms

    Phocas software ranks in Capterra’s top business intelligence tools of 2021

    The business benefits of measuring lost sales

    de Bono's Six Thinking Hats and decision-making with business intelligence

    5 ways data accuracy can improve profit

    How to measure customer profitability against sales value using Phocas

    How to stop losing customers to competitors?

    The CFO tech outlook for 2021: digitization and growth

    The food and beverage industry key metrics

    How to set-up a rebate program

    Business analytics success stories

    BI vendor Phocas raises funds to build predictive analytics

    Driving sales with ERP Data

    Data is the new ingredient at Everest Ice Cream

    Phocas raises $45 million in capital raise

    Sales analysis reports help Arran Isle Holdings be proactive with customers

    How data analytics is evolving

    Achieving business intelligence success through stakeholder engagement

    Business intelligence vs CRM

    Why spreadsheet reporting is killing your business

    Three ways a data analytics solution helps with ERP migration

    Phocas rated one of the most valuable business tools of 2020

    [eBook] Financial data analytics for MYOB Exo users

    How can data analytics help janitorial and sanitary companies grow their business?

    How can wholesale food businesses increase sales?

    Established BI solutions vs. in-house development

    How do businesses make decisions with BI?

    Three ways venture capitalists use data analytics

    What is distributor analytics software?

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