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    Forget Reports: Phocas Brings You Dynamic Enquiries

    The necessity to make timely and accurate business decisions is greater today than ever before: you have to be able to obtain the exact information you need, when you need it. Standard reports generated from ERP systems make this nigh on impossible as you’re forced to tailor your needs around the inflexible reports that are generated. That’s not an efficient process when strategic decisions are based on this information.

    Traditional reports may have been set up by your ERP vendor, as reports they think you want. The obvious danger of this is that they don’t know your business as well as you do. Alternatively, the reports may have been set up by someone else using the software as a template, or by a predecessor who’s long since left the Company.

    Phocas is different – we do dynamic enquiries. You pose the questions and Phocas retrieves the data for you, rather than you being given the answers to questions you haven’t asked.


    Phocas is a dynamic enquiry engine – you follow a train of thought and ask questions of the data as you think of them. You can save these questions as quick starts, using them again at a later date and sharing them with members of your team. There’s no need to repeatedly go back to your ERP vendor or IT team to obtain the reports. Data is presented in a useable, understandable format referring to the terms you know – not the pre-defined field names the ERP system uses. As an example, for a Customer Type field, Phocas would refer to it as ‘Customer Type’, whereas the ERP provider might call it ‘Analysis B’ which is confusing and needs to you cross-reference the data to ensure you’re actually viewing the stats you want to.

    Additionally, Phocas tells you what’s not happening, enabling you to use the reports for cross-selling opportunities. And speed’s important too: everything’s available within seconds of opening Phocas.

    Ultimately it puts you in control of the information you see. It’s a world away from standard ERP reports – name me a Sales or Marketing Director who would want the Salesperson who originally sold the ERP system to their Company to be in control of their business decisions?

    Check out the latest Phocas video demo on our website by clicking here, or on the button below.

    Alternatively, call us on 01865 364103 for a quick chat about how Phocas can give you a better insight into your business.

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