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Amazon Alexa and Phocas push the boundaries of business intelligence

Can you imagine having a conversation with your business intelligence solution while driving your car?

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[eBook]: The top KPIs consumer goods businesses must know and measure

Competition in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry is fierce. Whether you are a CPG distributor, wholesaler or retailer, you are likely working to improve efficiencies, reduce costs from your supply chain and manage margins to squeeze as much profit as you can from every transaction.

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Data Sharing between Retailers and Suppliers: Then and Now

There are numerous benefits for retailers to share their sales and customer data with suppliers. Retailers are closer to consumers than suppliers and are more aware of shifting trends that can determine the demise of one product and the potential for another.

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What a day with Phocas looks like


Brands that rely on Phocas' data analytics are everywhere!

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Business Intelligence for retail

Consumers have more disposable income today than ever before, making it a golden age for retailers. However, with a larger market comes increasing amounts of competitors, both local and global. 

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Maximize Your Retail Sell Thru Data With Phocas Business Intelligence

Retailers, manufacturers and suppliers can benefit from the significant opportunities that arise from sharing sell thru data and product inventory levels between retailers and suppliers.

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Ozsale Discovers a Reporting Solution to Help Them Make More Sales

As online shopping grows in popularity and in sales volume, so too do the companies trying to carve for themselves a slice of the market. One company that has succeeded in attracting numerous customers in Australia with its targeted approach of selling heavily discounted designer brands is Ozsale.

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Bambis implements Phocas business intelligence alongside Pronto ERP

Bambis is a progressive Australian company specialising in the design of contemporary homewares and furniture. With global brands such as Salt & Pepper and Curtis Stone, Bambis offers fashion for the home and function for the kitchen. 

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Retail Your Customers with Phocas Business Intelligence Software

When your sales team is busy acting on the leads generated from marketing, your customer service and account managers must be armed with the highest quality customer information enabling them to fulfil their roles.

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Key to Retail Success: Data Sharing

The retail industry is a tough and competitive environment. With every business trying to top one another, it becomes all the more difficult to bring in new customers. The key to thriving in such a competitive environment is to cut costs.

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