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4 reasons your strategy needs
to include data analytics

Digital transformation strategy 2.0 guide

Build a digital transformation strategy led by data 

Many business leaders knew prior to COVID-19 that they needed a digital upgrade. According to McKinsey & Company research, 92 percent of companies surveyed thought their business model would need to change because of digitization.

What decision-makers need to do now is to determine what digital system changes and additions will best service their specific needs at scale.

Consolidating your company-wide and external data could be the single most important decision you make to get you started. Learn more about:

1. the cost and set-up required

2. the need for accurate and timely data

3. data as the backbone for ongoing transformation

4. the return on investment 

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Phocas benefits for businesses

It's unbreakable When you’re drilling into the data following your train of thought to find the answers to your most pressing questions you can relax because you can’t break Phocas. The data resets and refreshes. And it’s accessible almost anywhere.
Saves you time Data is a business asset and time is precious so you want to harness that data and move fast with accuracy. Phocas delivers a data analytics solution that provides the information you want, when you want, and how you want it. It saves hours a week across the entire business.

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You can see it all Slice and dice the data in different ways to get in-depth analysis when needed. Find out the extended history on a customer; get transactional data over any specified time period; review by product category, vendor, customer, grade, order type and so on. Monitor and control production, stock and sales.