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Fall in love with modern analytics. Then your workday becomes more productive. Gain a clear understanding of what’s going on at the heart of your business with accurate, consolidated data. You can’t really argue with the facts. Phocas presents complex information in clear, visual formats. So you can share the love around your company and help more people understand what matters most to them.


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We've got your back We have grown up with businesses just like yours and we know that if you make, move or sell lots of products you already have a lot on your plate. Data shouldn't be one more thing for you to worry about, let our industry experts help you.
Reliable partnership When you’re drilling into the data following your train of thought to find the answers to your most pressing questions you can relax because you can’t break Phocas. The data resets and refreshes. And it’s accessible almost anywhere.
Deep and meaningful Bring data to life and use it as a daily guide with meaningful dashboards that update you on your progress towards targets. Drill down into the underlying transactions to get a deep understanding of all key numbers.

I am glad I swiped right for Phocas ❤️


It’s one of the better tools that I’ve seen. It has so much flexibility and allows you to do so many different things with your data.

Nick Deccio

Controller Custom Parts and Equipments, Crescent Parts and Equipment


People can just use Phocas, they can write their own reports, they can use prefab reports set up by somebody else. It made it accessible to a much larger group of people in the company.

David Lowenstein

Vendor Relations, Billows Electric Supply


Phocas is so flexible that we can see everything exactly how we want to see it.

Tim Janes

Operations Specialist, Johnstone Supply – Kenilworth Group


With Phocas, we get results immediately, within seconds, whereas before we'd have to wait two hours.

Todd Mills

Sales, DGI Supply