Around the world in 10 days, Glashier-style

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Around the world in 10 days, Glashier-style

Ever had a staycation get out of hand? It started as a bit of fun, activities to keep the kids amused in lockdown. Suddenly, each day was more outrageous and imaginative than the last. The travel ban has been a major restriction of the quarantine but Phocas founder and co-CEO, Myles Glashier and his wife Babs, a former advertising creative dreamed-up an around-the-world adventure.

The people at Phocas reckon Myles and Babs treated their two kids to the best lockdown holiday ever. And it was so good that we had to share. In 10 days, they visited a new country every 24 hours, from their home in Sydney.

The Phocas core values are 'fun', 'fulfilling' and 'forever', and through the challenges and changes of covid-19, we are still living them. The core values stick because they are real and cascade from the top and play out every day. With some creativity and resourcefulness, anything is possible, even with a clothesline, kids’ toys and potatoes.


Soaking in the scenery and wildlife in Milford Sound


First rollercoaster ride at Disneyland


Ringside in Las Vegas


Rapa Nui sculptures in the Easter Islands


Check out the view


Tuna fishing in the Great Barrier Reef


Times Square New York


Cage diving to view great white sharks in Cape Town


On safari


Kids go first

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