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Phocas and Enapps ERP to help SMEs maximize growth opportunities

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Phocas and Enapps ERP to help SMEs maximize growth opportunities

A new partnership between Phocas software and Enapps cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) will empower small and medium businesses to use their data more effectively and improve analysis.

The agreement between Phocas and Enapps means customers will have access to the core data analytics software and the financial products, to help companies get a companywide view of financial performance and react to change in real-time.

Pamela Hollamby, Business Development Manager at Phocas, explains that Phocas and Enapps are a good fit due to the customisation of their respective platforms. They both serve similar industries, especially business that make or sell a high volume of products.

“The number one issue for business owners is liquidity, so this partnership aims to help everyone in a company collaborate on the same numbers. Consolidated financial and operational data means people can make the most informed decisions about pricing, headcount and purchasing of stock to ensure they can meet their business plans,” says Pamela.

“Many people in the UK are running hybrid workforces, so access to accurate information across sales, stock, purchasing, finance and project in the cloud ensures workers can be productive from anywhere,” adds Pamela.

Enapps aims to provide a rich and tailorable platform, so growing SME businesses can replace disparate systems with one integrated ERP.

Deborah Welby, Sales and Commercial Director at Enapps says the partnership means we can continue to help our customers streamline their processes and save them time to carry out value-add activities.

“We choose to work with Phocas because the software brings customer’s data to life – allowing them to make planning and forecasting decisions fast, to quickly visualise and plan around their challenges and opportunities into the future,” says Deborah.

Phocas will make it easy for Enapps users to understand their business performance better while addressing many of the industry’s pain points. Small business owners can make analysis accessible and simple for users of all skill levels; improve reporting, manage remote workers, turn raw data into visualisations; and share financial information.

To commence the partnership between the two tech providers, they will jointly host a webinar for Enapps customers to learn more about Phocas data analytics and financial products.

The session is called: Leverage the value of your business data with company-wide analytics. To attend the free webinar on July 20, click here.

Join Phocas Software and Enapps to learn more about how to:

  • seamlessly integrate Phocas with your existing Enapps ERP solution
  • consolidate your data into a single source of truth
  • get insights into sales trends by product, territory, and value
  • provide automated, interactive, and real-time dashboard reports

To attend the free webinar on July 20, click here.

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