What is business analytics software?

What is business analytics software?

Data analytics fundamentals. Why data relationships are important.

Data sources and unifying data. What you need to know?

Actionable insights: the benefit of real-time data analysis on decision making

Data analytics software use cases.

Which industries use data analytics tools?

How do you choose a data analysis tool?

Selection criteria: evaluating data analytics software providers.

What type of training and implementation is required to use data analytics software?

How does a data analytics tool compliment an ERP?

How can data analytics improve decision-making?

Data analytics tools versus spreadsheets.

Why choose Phocas?

Why choose Phocas?

Phocas’ data analytics features

What value does Phocas data analytics add?

Case Studies - data analytics

Understand the past, operate better today, and plan well for the future

BI dashboard