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Phocas teams up with Acumatica Cloud ERP to integrate solutions

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Phocas teams up with Acumatica Cloud ERP to integrate solutions

Phocas has a new partnership with Acumatica, provider of an award-winning cloud-based ERP system, that will extend our data analytics solution to Acumatica customers globally. The new deal helps Acumatica customers turn raw data into insights.

Phocas places advanced data analytics capabilities into the hands of users of all skill levels, simplifying the reporting process while strengthening decision making. Acumatica will feature Phocas in its online solution catalog along with its other leading technology partners.

Acumatica Cloud ERP software for small- and mid-sized businesses is an adaptable and integrated application that helps streamline business processes while improving visibility into operations. The company partners with software providers such as Phocas to extend the functionality of its ERP system to meet the unique needs of its customers.

Phocas is pleased to add another industry leading ERP system to its out-of-the-box solution integration capability, providing users with a single interface to seamlessly manage their business data and reporting.

“Our customers continue to value the power and scalability of Cloud ERP, integrating an increasing number of key business systems and driving the volume of data available to access and evaluate,” said Christian Lindberg, VP of Partner Solutions for Acumatica. “Phocas makes sense of all of that data, turning the raw information into charts, graphs and tables that can be manipulated to improve decision making across a variety of departments and business functions. Our users will find Phocas both simple and fun, helping them take their reporting to another level.”

“Acumatica is recognized as a leading cloud ERP provider by IDC, Gartner and other analysts for functionality, integration and usability, areas where we will strongly complement each other ,” said Jay Deubler, president of Phocas’ US division.

“Phocas is a powerful, yet easy-to-use BI solution that makes data analytics accessible to anyone needing data to do their jobs better. We look forward to working with Acumatica and its customers to help them discover what is truly going on with their businesses.”

To learn more about how you can seamlessly add data analytics to your Acumatica Cloud ERP , contact us today.