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There's an App for That!

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There's an App for That!

Moore’s Law is a theory that states “The rate of technology (hardware) rises exponentially every 18 months”. While there are debates about the law, the sentiment of the theory holds true to technology overall. Technology and Data are growing at such a rapid pace that it can be hard to keep up.

In today’s business climate, there are frequent advances with smartphones, GPS, broadband, Wi-Fi, RFID, and increases in the extreme amounts of data they all produce. We’ve been relying on spreadsheets and reports which are all taking enormous amounts of time to produce and sift thru. If my smartphone has an app for almost anything I could dream of, why doesn’t my business have one? My business needs an App!

So why is the distribution industry on the backend of adoption with regards to technology? Well because the cost and effort to implement new software, train employees and utilize the latest hardware is hard to justify and maintain.

But, here’s a secret, market leaders are on the cutting edge by using software as a service (SaaS). They are analyzing data and finding ways to increase margins, identify at risk customers, analyze inventory, review purchasing and buying patterns and more.

They are taking their data analysis and creating a significant competitive advantage. With margins growing tighter and the market place growing more competitive, companies can’t afford to be left behind.

That’s where Phocas steps in. We know distribution, we know data, and we know software. We’ve listened to our customers and over years of development, we’ve created a cloud based product that puts data in the hands of your employees.

The key to Phocas is we keep it simple, we provide a powerful data analysis tool that is easy to use. Our customers realize that they can’t afford to be left behind in the 21st century and our goal is to partner with them and see them reach their potential.

There’s an “app for that” in distribution and it’s called Phocas Software. To see Phocas in-action, watch our Demo video.


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