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What Does Soup & Business Intelligence Have in Common?

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What Does Soup & Business Intelligence Have in Common?

A Word About Soup. We need to talk about soup. No, really; it’s just too important to ignore. After all, we’re told that life originated from primordial soup, 4 billion years ago.

So what’s it all about? Let’s have a quick look at what the dictionary says about soup:

noun \ˈsüp\

: a food made by cooking vegetables, meat, or fish in a large amount of liquid (ie: a bowl of tomato soup)

verb \ˈsüp\

: increase the power and efficiency of an engine or other machine, or to make something more elaborate or impressive (ie: to soup-up)

Soup to most of us usually means the first of these; the comforting winter food of childhood, the Shirley Temple variety with animal crackers or the chicken alternative to penicillin.

But most companies have a soup issue too. Not the paste-and-water broth from the staff vending machine, but the vast soup of data that swills around companies in huge quantities.

That back-office accounting system which was supposed to be delivering crystal clarity to your company is more likely actually churning out a cauldron of data and reports 24/7, on the front burner.

Some companies are awash with sales reports alone, generating hundreds of them every month, creating a blizzard of data which as often as not, conceals the vital truth.

When added to other soup sources such as the data warehouse, HR system, CRM and so on there’s a never-ending supply – difficult to see through or make sense of.

In recent years, Business Intelligence tools have become popular and aim to deal with this issue. Most claim to be able to slice and dice the soup: tricky and potentially very messy. But Phocas is rather different. It doesn’t just give you instant, self-service access to that handful of critical nuggets of information that enable you to drive your company forward on a daily basis; it also prompts you to ask the right questions about your data.

It is designed to work together with whatever assembly of other data sources that your company has collected over the years; ERP, CRM, Data warehouse or whatever. Phocas is compatible them all, bringing the integrated clarity that companies desperately needed from the start. And this is no complicated recipe; Phocas is up and ready to serve as soon as you like. Check out how Bambis has been cooking with gas in their business and leveraging their data.

So maybe Phocas brings us back to that other definition of soup: “to increase the power & efficiency of an engine or another machine”. It certainly soups-up the companies which use Phocas.

Pass the can opener!

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