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    Top business intelligence blogs in 2020

    While this many not be the definitive list of the top business intelligence blogs for 2020, it's certainly the most compelling. This list of 10 blogs have moved readers to get help with their data, enrol in further training or calmed people to turn to data in difficult times. Shakespeare wrote King Lear during the plague and Phocas data experts wrote over 200 blogs during the pandemic - instead of a tragedy, we offer optimism for a better future with accurate and timely data.

    The Phocas business intelligence blog is designed to provide free advice about data and add value to the way you approach your job or data problems. We know that many businesses have data that, if analyzed, can shed light on new opportunities to better understand their business.  We hope that by reading our blog articles, you will act on your data and transform your business strategy .

    The top 10 business intelligence software blogs of 2020

    Our analytics tell us that in 2020, our readers have come to Phocas business intelligence blog often to read what we post. Here are 10 blogs that have compelled people to change their behavior or inspired change.

     1. 4 key areas to analyze for' a new normal ' business growth strategy

    Everyone was looking for ways to adapt and change this year so the specific detail of what to analyze is appreciated in this blog.

    2. Stock coverage: days cover calculation and other stock metrics

    This is a perennial favourite for people who manage and move stock or inventory.  They come to this blog to cross check formulas and assess their own inventory management performance.

    3. 3 Supplier performance metrics to increase returns

    As supply chains were at risk during the year, many companies looked to their reliable suppliers to strengthen partnerships. To determine who was able to supply, people turned to metrics to measure performance. 

    4. How pricing strategies work better with data analytics 

    Data analytics provides a clear, consolidated view of your sales history, allowing you to make sound pricing decisions. 

    5. New finance solution to drive digital transformation

    Phocas launched a new financial analytics solution in 2020 and it was well received by the market, as more businesses see the need to share and understand real time financial information.

    6. Culture matters as Phocas scales up

    This blogs contains a podcast from the Scaling Up series that features our CEO and co-Founder Myles Glashier as a guest. Myles explains the story of Phocas from bootstrapped beginnings to over 200 people employed - it's a wild ride.

    7. 5 important characteristics of an effective KPI

    What KPIs matter? More business people want to align KPIs with the company strategy.

    8. What is the connection between ERP and Business Intelligence

    In this blog, we discuss Enterprise Resource Planning systems and the connection with BI  to help you determine what works for your business.

    9. 5 trends in the building and industrial industry

    The construction, engineering and building & industrial materials industries have a vital role to play in the global post-pandemic recovery of the economy. The group represents 13 percent of global GDP. In this blog, we explore five trends to help companies prepare for a different future.

    10. How to overcome reporting challenges in your business

    The ability to generate accurate, relevant and timely reports is critical if a company is to remain competitive in today's marketplace. However, as many business managers know, traditional (static) reporting methods have a range of shortcomings.

    We hope you have had a productive year despite all the change, and we look forward to sharing more new and exciting content with you in 2020. 

    Want to  know the BI trends for 2021, download your free copy  here.


    Written by Katrina Walter
    Katrina researches, writes and edits the Phocas blog. She explains how data can work for business people without all the tech jargon. She is always on the hunt for great customer data stories.
    Katrina researches, writes and edits the Phocas blog. She explains how data can work for business people without all the tech jargon. She is always on the hunt for great customer data stories.

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