Phocas for sales

Drive growth and empower your team with actionable, real time customer and product data


Drive your revenue team with powerful data-visualization tools

Whether you need to enable your sales reps, provide visibility for your executive team or make data-driven decisions, Phocas has flexible sales data analysis tools to help. Spend less time building reports and more time driving growth with a solution built specifically around your needs.

People just use the software and create their own reports
Everyone at Billows is comfortable trying something new because data analytics and reporting is accessible to more people throughout the company.
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Phocas benefits for sales

Priorities powering profits Identify your highest priorities with intelligence and data-visualization tools built around your business. Pivot quickly and follow market trends to ensure you’re always a step ahead.
Data visualization at your fingertips Provide your executive team with at-a-glance reporting, manage sales reps efficiently and troubleshoot underperformance quickly and easily. With powerful data-visualization tools, you can minimize data-management and spend more time closing business.
Unify sales and marketing Provide your revenue team with a unified vision of success, and ensure everyone is working towards the same goals.

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Identify Opportunities

Quickly isolate your top performing products

Sell faster and more efficiently by identifying top selling products to both new and existing customers.

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Enable Sales

Arm your team with modern tools

Give your reps easy-to-use data tools, customized scorecards and all-in-one dashboards to power better customer conversations.

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Report Efficiently

Provide critical sales data across your organization

Help your executives, operations, marketing and management teams get a clear understanding of sales performance with insightful reporting tools.

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Hear from sales leaders using Phocas


After having Phocas for 12 months, in the last quarter we were up 46% and Phocas was an important part of addressing our customer needs better.

Ross Ollington

National Sales & Marketing Manager, TJM 4x4 - Pronto


I’d recommend Phocas for the timesaving and the cost-saving. Whichever way you look there’s a benefit, worth its weight in gold.

Chris Journet

UK Sales Manager, Shaftec Ltd


Life before Phocas for us was more painful, we had lots of different sources of data, coming from different streams and when we implemented Phocas it really pulled it all together.

Graham Lane

Commercial & Sales Support Co-ordinator, Moove Lubricants


With Phocas, we get results immediately, within seconds, whereas before we'd have to wait two hours.

Todd Mills

Sales, DGI Supply

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Evolve your sales team Move beyond the gut-decisions of yesterday with tools that can give you real-time, actionable data to make every-day decisions.
Visualize data Data has never been more approachable with our visualization tools. Build customized dashboards, scorecards and reports with ease, and free up your time to focus on closing business.
Feel good about data Confidence in data is at the core of the Phocas platform and vision. Take control of your data like never before, and feel good about your decisions every day.