What is Business Intelligence?


Business intelligence, also known by the acronym BI or data analytics,
is the process of making informed business decisions using real-time data.

A BI solution helps decision makers rely less on instinct and perception and more on data. Whether you’re analyzing customer purchases, managing stock flow, or evaluating sales team performance; BI finds trends and patterns that live in your data. BI uncovers the unwritten story you need to maximize your company’s bottom line.



4 signs your company needs a business intelligence solution


Lack actionable data

Your company has data but lacks an automated system to analyze the findings and uncover trends quickly

Reporting bottlenecks

Manual creation of reports delays delivery and decision making

Your company “hit the wall”
with Excel

Your spreadsheets have become unruly and your analytics needs have outgrown what Excel can deliver

No dashboard view of
company performance

No method to view company key performance indicators (KPIs) in a single view in real time


Choosing the right business intelligence solution to meet your business objectives is critical.

The digital revolution in the cloud has provided limitless tools to record both internal and external transactions. The volume of data generated by CRM, SCM, ERP, POS and e-Commerce systems can be overwhelming, and slow your evaluation of business performance. BI provides a solution for finding trends in your data, letting you make smarter business decisions.

4 benefits of business intelligence

Gain a deeper understanding of your business

Identify trends in your data by asking the right questions

Real-time reporting and analysis

Easily track company KPIs to understand performance

Empower your organization

Create a single source for sharing real-time data within your company, improve collaboration and decision making

Improve company performance

Data-driven decision making leads to improved performance and efficiency

Selecting the right business intelligence solution to meet the data needs of your company can be a complex and lengthy task.

With countless vendors and a variety of solutions, the evaluation process has a tendency to be time consuming. However, the benefits of implementing a BI tool greatly outweighing the barriers. Streamlining the selection process to a few key criteria will greatly expedite your evaluation and selection.

4 keys for selecting the right business intelligence solution

Easy to use

No more waiting for IT, easily analyze data and create reports and dashboards

Grows with your organization

Flexible solution that scales to meet your data, reporting and infrastructure needs.


Process queries and reports quickly, instant access to data


Easily connect to the solutions your company uses with pre-configured connectors

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