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Top 5 sales KPIs
for manufacturing teams

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Sales teams working in manufacturing are feeling the pressure to reach sales targets and retain customers. These issues are amplified by high transportation costs, delivery delays, and changes to customer preferences.

This is why KPIs are so important to the modern manufacturing business.

What you measure depends on what your sales team is trying to achieve, but there are several sales KPIs that are useful to keep a team on track, including:

  • Sales revenue: more insight into overall business performance and profitability
  • Sales performance by person: determine the average deal size and revenue per sales rep
  • Sales performance by location: track performance to determine what branch, region, or territory is receiving the biggest demand
  • Product-level profitability: identify what products are contributing the most to your bottom line
  • Customer-level profitability: critical KPI to improve customer engagement

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abi_roundAbi Colbourne

Field marketing manager

Jason BJason Bradshaw

Sales consultant


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