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How to achieve a budget
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As a finance professional, you know all too well the labor-intensive task of budgeting each year. Hours of your team's time is spent manually updating, revising and cross checking spreadsheets that could be better spent identifying opportunities to add value to the organisation. 

In this session, you'll learn how to create a seamless budgeting process by:

  • Involving the team with easier access and collaboration for budget contributors
  • Automating the process with changes that become visible to others in real time
  • Integrating other elements of the business to include the true budget drivers such as sales figures, headcount and capital expenditures 
  • Leveraging dynamic insights using customised reports that automatically pull relevant information from your ERP
  • Creating more accurate forecasts that adjust as needed based on changing conditions

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The speakers

JK croppedJenny-kate Purcell

Field marketing specialist

Rebekah KieferRebekah Kiefer

Solutions consultant


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