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Grow your business with data-driven decisions

How leading tyre and auto shops are using data analytics to grow their business

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Presented by
Justin Chalk
Megabus Software

Craig Medlyn
Phocas Software





In the competitive aftermarket industry, getting value from your data to make smarter decisions, faster is more important than ever.

Learn how leading tyre and auto service shops are using data analytics to better understand their customers, track inventory, reduce costs and grow their bottom line.

During the on-demand webinar, you’ll find out how these shops:

  • discovered actionable insights into customer buying habits and sales trends to grow sales

  • minimised excess inventory, maximised margins by product and customer, and identified slow-moving products for better stock optimisation 

  • reached their goals with enhanced clarity and quick and easy access to daily reporting metrics  

  • saved time by visualising and comparing multiple locations at a time 

  • grew their businesses by extracting meaningful insights with the power of analytics 

Discover how the power and simplicity of data analytics can help you reach your goals.