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Access, see and dive into the data that makes your business tick

Of course, building your own useful dashboards and scorecards is straightforward but what really sets our business intelligence software apart is the ad hoc analysis layer, what we call the Grid. It’s here where you follow your train of thought to answer your own questions and inevitably uncover far-reaching business opportunities.

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Crunch those numbers. You can’t break it.

The Grid is set-up to make ad hoc data analysis intuitive. It has: people, place, product detail as dimensions on the Y axis, and: timeframe, amounts and value streams on the X axis. It’s designed for your business and once your data is live in Phocas you’re unrestricted by set drill paths and canned reports. It will become your business’ version of the truth. Slice and dice, build reports and dashboards from it to suit you.

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Move from overviews to underlying details

Live dashboards give the full picture at a glance. Customer scorecards enrich conversations and grow orders. Visually presenting performance improves individual and team responsiveness. It’s easier to track, share and enhance what's happening across your business with visual information and vibrant reports.

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Business Data Analysis software - Phocas Software
Self-service administration

Reduce any ongoing costs with DIY database creation

With Database Designer administrators can bring in new datasources and configure Phocas to suit the business needs easily with drag and drop functionality. The Phocas team is always on hand to help out but it’s easy to customize reports and databases, restrict and share access and more yourself. Reducing ongoing costs.

Phocas Analytics features

Specialists in data analytics and business intelligence for manufacturing, wholesale distribution and retail.
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Bring data to life and use it as a daily guide with meaningful dashboards that update you on your progress towards targets.
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Spreadsheets and static reports? It’s much easier and more rewarding to see it in action on live dashboards.
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Get on the same page as your team. Share facts and figures and move towards your goals together.
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From a rich visual summary, you can quickly jump into the underlying detail.
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Phocas meets strict requirements around security, compliance, availability and performance.
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