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3 ways advanced data analytics can improve customer service

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3 ways advanced data analytics can improve customer service

Quality customer service is the gateway to long-term relationships. By using advanced data analytics you can understand your consumer base, deliver on or exceed expectations and proactively identifying opportunities for improvement. Your business can establish a connection with customers that has the ability to stand the test of time.

Advanced data analytics enables businesses to better assess key customer service metrics and use these insights to improve customer retention. Here are three ways a data analytics solution can improve your organization’s customer service efforts:

1. identify key trends faster

Decision makers are continuously seeking ways to assess key performance indicators (KPIs) across functions. If you are a Contact Centre Manager or are responsible for service delivery, being able to assess data such as the average handling time, average waiting time and first touch resolution across different service channels is crucial. Your data analytics solution should include dashboards and visualizations that allow you to explore areas which require a greater analysis. You want your users to have an experience that is simple and intuitive. Decision makers and managers should be able to look at the data and identify trends that impact on daily operations and connect those results to customer interactions. Based on the information you collect, you can improve forecasting, implement customer service tactics that work and eliminate those that have negative outcomes.

2. provide deeper analysis

Your data analytics solution should allow you to drill down into your customer service data and analyze the feedback. What aspects of your customer service platform are working? Which elements are leading to undesirable outcomes? BI can help you better measure industry sentiment, geographic or product based trends and identify areas where feedback levels could be improved. Richer analysis – seeing how a service request is addressed throughout its lifecycle – lets you better pinpoint the customer service areas in your business that require attention.

3. build greater customer satisfaction

You provide your customers with a product, so you want to gauge how satisfied they are with the process of receiving it. With your collected data, your data analytics solution should allow you to quickly and simply measure fulfilment rates and delivery times. How fast are orders being fulfilled? Are deliveries being made on time? If not, why? How likely are your customers to purchase from you again? BI enables you to dig into the numbers so you can clearly assess this information and then implement strategies to increase satisfaction.

Phocas Software's powerful and intuitive analytical capabilities allows users to assess information that leads to greater customer satisfaction. With Phocas, you can:

  • Quickly drill down into data
  • Assess fulfillment rates and delivery times (DIFOT) while gauging customer appreciation and satisfaction
  • Analyze trends to improve forecasting
  • Evaluate and explore cross-functional statistics and more!

Your company’s customer service efforts require an advanced data analytics solution to maximize outcomes. Phocas provides your business with a comprehensive solution to outpace competitors.