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The Benefits of Sales Analytics Software

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The Benefits of Sales Analytics Software

For a sales director, the ability to communicate about the progress of your team in an informative way is essential. In the age of big data, communications becomes even more difficult as businesses increasingly demand further insight from their data.

Sales reports are a key feature of this process and sales analytics have become an important, if not the dominating, element of any sales report. Sales analytics provide the ability to break sales down into comprehensible pieces and allow businesses to examine exactly what is working and what needs improvement.

The adoption of sales analytics software is growing rapidly throughout the business world. Below we outline a few of the major reasons why the software should be a key part of any sales director’s report.

1. Increased Accessibility

The ability to access your data and generate accurate reports from anywhere is essential to any business. Sales analytics software allows you to access the same report on any device with an internet connection. With it, there is no need to worry about the accessibility of your reports. A simple tablet is all you need to view your sales team's progress anywhere and any time. This gives you increased flexibility and efficiency, both of which are vital in high paced business environments. A quick and easy reporting interface will simplify your decision making process and ultimately, increase sales.

2. Automatic Updates

A system that frequently updates without any coaxing or input from your IT department is invaluable. Sales analytics software with an automated update feature will always keep itself relevant and up to date. This affords you time, and the ability to report even closer to the deadline, giving you a more accurate portrayal of the business at the time of reporting. Often businesses waste their time preparing for a report days in advance only to have an out of date report at the time of the meeting. Data analytics software alleviates this problem. Reports are done in seconds and presented in a readable and customised format. The software also eliminates the possibility of any error with data manipulation. Accurate current reports let you make informed decisions to address your market more accurately and effectively.

3. Increased Visibility

The ability to see all your data at micro and macroscopic level is an incredibly useful tool. Most software will have a dashboard allowing you to see a visual representation of metrics and KPI’s scored the way you want them, against the variables you need. The easily interpretable information allows you to make quick data-driven business decisions.

4. Sales Force Transparency

Sales data gives you complete transparency and helps in mentoring your sales team. With the information in hand, you can put in place any necessary mitigating strategies such as cross-sell campaigns or end of life promotion. You have overall visibility on every agent's progress including their priorities, strengths, weaknesses and challenges. This will have a direct influence over sales as it allows you to subsequently manipulate variables to increase efficiency.

Through all these features, sales analytics software affords the sales manager unparalleled insight and helps them make better decisions to drive sales for the business. Additionally, the software eases the pressure on sales managers on reporting to interested parties. It is accessible anywhere and any time but most of all it has the added benefit of being consistently accurate. Reports will always be up to date and provide the most relevant information in the most interpretable format.man-laptop

Written by Rick Toepfer
Rick Toepfer

Rick has decades of management experience in data and tech. He currently oversees the Phocas strategic partner model working with key ERP Publishers and buying groups such as Epicor, Kerridge Commercial Systems, Affiliated Distributors, Infor, Sage and SAP. Rick is a problem-solver and connects like-minded people.

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