ERP systems are ideal for performing critical business functions but it’s accepted that extracting meaningful data for analysis and reporting isn’t their strongpoint. 

To make sense of the wealth of captured data within an ERP system, a fit for purpose business intelligence software tool, which easily integrates data and presents an almost unlimited portfolio of reports for the non-technical member of staff. is critical.

Phocas business intelligence software helps users discover new opportunities across Sales, Marketing, Purchasing and Stock Control that may otherwise have been missed. An increasing number of customers across numerous sub-sectors of industrial and retail – using a variety of ERP platforms – are turning to Phocas. Phocas assists business leverage their data and improve their reporting, dashboarding and analytical capabilities of their businesses. Just some of the ways in which Phocas assists its customers are:

  • Increasing margins
  • Managing stock turns
  • Identifying potentially suitable products not currently purchased
  • Identifying aged debtors
  • Improving financial reporting

Head of Advance Electrical, Steven Anixter sings the praises of Phocas, stating that:

“Phocas has given us a powerful, easy to use business tool so that ERP users are able to finally extract that wealth of information that resides in their system. The more you use Phocas, the more intelligent you become.”

Similarly, Bill Salek from Universal Supply Group used Phocas to gain new sales:

“Phocas enabled us to gain an additional $20,000 (£13,150) for our business in incentive growth rebates. And Phocas delivers in seconds – not the months, weeks and days we previously experienced”.

erp-business-intelligence-1Click on this link to see which ERP systems Phocas works with or alternatively click here to watch a demo video of Phocas in action.
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