What is Business Intelligence (BI) software?

Why it’s important? How’s it different from traditional reporting?

Five key BI terms and why you need to understand them

Business intelligence vs. spreadsheets: What does your business need?


How does BI software improve business performance?

BI software use cases, what can you use it for?

What are the benefits of BI software?

What industries use BI Software?

What type of training and implementation is required to use BI software?

How does BI software complement an ERP?

How can BI software improve decision-making?

Pitfalls of not using BI software?

Key features of BI software

What to look for in BI software

Why choose Phocas?

Pain points resolved in business performance management

Phocas’ Business Intelligence features

What value does Phocas BI add?

Understand the past, operate better today, and plan well for the future

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