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Business Intelligence Software for Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP

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Business Intelligence Software for Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP

In previous blogs, we’ve discussed how Phocas business intelligence software provides benefits to users of the SAP Business One (B1) and Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP tools. Today, I’m going to explore how Phocas can take your Microsoft Dynamics NAV data to the next level.

Dynamics NAV Pros

Dynamics is a fantastic option for many businesses. According to Match Business Solutions, Dynamics NAV is a speedy tool which runs on the Microsoft SQL server. NAV utilizes features such as memory cache, bulk insert and indexed views to provide fast access to data.

In addition, former Project Manager, Ayass has been using Dynamics NAV since 2003. Ayass states that Dynamics NAV offers an easy initial setup for financial reporting and offers good customization for business statements, cash flow and budgeting.

Finally, ERPSearch.com assert that Dynamics NAV offers excellent international capabilities, particularly for businesses which receive income across multiple currencies.

Dynamics NAV Cons

Contrary to the above, Dynamics NAV also has its limitations.

SoftwareAdvice.com user Scott who works in food production states that there are some basic functionality issues in NAV. Finding out the day an item was shipped or received for example has been difficult.

In addition, ERPSearch.com state that collaboration and mobile accessibility on Dynamics NAV is limited.

Finally, Chief Financial Officer and Business Consultant Lee Andrews wrote on Proformative that NAV is “hard to use – especially to get data out. For accounting purposes it is whatever word is the exact opposite of intuitive”.

Optimise Your Dynamics NAV Data with Phocas Business Intelligence

Microsoft Dynamics NAV clearly offers benefits to many businesses. With that said, there are opportunities to improve the accessibility of your data from NAV and make life easier for users across your business. Here is how this can be done with Phocas:

Quick Access to Your Most Important Data

Phocas Software’s Dashboards can provide you with a customisable view of the data that matters most to you. Finding out when a product was shipped or received can be done in a matter of seconds and you can also set favourites to get to the data you need quicker.

Collaborate with Colleagues

Our collaboration tools can make you a smarter, more effective and data driven organization. With Phocas, you can share your business insights with colleagues, instantly send a report to your team for comment or you can highlight sales opportunities and threats right across your business.

Mobile Access to Data

Phocas allows you to access your data in places which are convenient to you. Phocas Software’s industry leading Mobile BI option means you can pull up key data while you’re in the office or even relaxing by the beach.

Ease of Use

Finally, we live by our tagline of ‘Keep it Simple”. The industry analyst Gartner and numerous customers including Kriz-Davis and Caprice have commented on Phocas Software’s ease of use. You don’t need to have a technical background to use Phocas and we’ve helped put data at the forefront of thousands of professionals across the world including those in sales, finance and executive management.

Who’s Using Phocas With Dynamics NAV?

Businesses across different industries and sizes are already using Phocas to take their NAV data to the next level. Automotive safety company Brigade Electronics and the medical supplier Days Healthcare are just two examples of customers experiencing the benefits of Phocas alongside NAV on a daily basis.

Do you want to see Phocas in action? Click here to watch our three minute demo.

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