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Phocas is the preferred sales and distribution management software for its ease of use, straightforward implementation cycles and flexibility.

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Unifying your wholesale strategies with data

Distributors share common goals, including maximizing orders, refining margins, meeting meaningful and trackable SLAs and KPIs, and providing superior customer service. While most of these goals are tactical, businesses need to be more strategic and data-driven inventory control techniques to achieve them.

Crescent’s 140 branches need real-time data
Over 1,000 people at Cresent use Phocas and do their job better.
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How Phocas helps distributors and wholesalers win

Margin enrichment Drill down to granular data details to view margin by customer, product, product class or product category for optimal sales strategies and product mix decisions.
Stock coverage With Phocas, your data improves your inventory control techniques. Our stock coverage report is always flexible, up-to-date and easy to access. Avoid “out of stock” and “dead stock” situations and identify “slow-moving” stock before it becomes a problem.
Customer profitability Evaluate customer buying patterns for a comprehensive understanding of at-risk relationships to keep profitability strong. Track key metrics such as customer sales volume, gross margins, number of orders and order size, loyalty, and cost to serve.
Stock management

Accurate inventory forecasting

Take your understanding of customers, their purchasing patterns, and market conditions to another level. Phocas gives you access to the key inventory information you need to be your improve inventory control techniques.

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Distribution specialists

Tools built for distributors

We’ve worked with distributors for almost 20 years, so we know it’s tough to keep up with the pace of technology and competitive change. That's why Phocas is here — our user-friendly BI software keeps you efficient and competitive. Learn more
Sell smarter

Pricing tools that drive value

Arm your sales people with the information they need to see purchasing gaps, have richer conversations with customers, to manage bundles and pricing, catch slipping customers, minimise churn and increase order size and consistency.

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Built for distributors

Products are in constant motion. Our dashboards show you exactly what’s going on with stock, customers and sales as it happens.


  Have a play... click on something in a table or graph and press Focus in the top left to isolate the data points on your area of interest. Reset to start again.

Hundreds of distributors share the love


If for any reason they don’t have access to their dashboards there’s a state of panic. We rely on and love using Phocas so it is a huge part of our business. It lets them know how well we’re on track and there’s a lot of company wide goals that we have that we use Phocas for to really give us the absolute accurate numbers that we need.

Gordon Howell

Data engineer, LSC


I use Phocas on a day to day basis to see where we're tracking for the month. I also have a look at new products that we've launched and check the sales and profit margins for those products. I can see what trends are happening in sales so I can advise our import and export team.

Laura Colman

General Manager, Splosh Australia - MYOB Exo


Phocas has helped us change a lot of little things, especially in our warehousing. We now measure our order turnaround daily, we measure how many staff we have on at any given time, their efficiency, and whether more staff equals better efficiency.

Michael Hayes

General manager operations, Kincrome


It would take around two hours a day for one person to run our daily reports. Phocas is set up to empower the sales team and give them the flexibility to find data and analyse it themselves.

Ewan Parish

Sales manager, Thomas Graham

Understand the past, operate better today, and plan well for the future

Whether you want to get your data organized for your team or you’re looking to combine data analytics capabilities with financial reporting, budgeting, forecasting and planning… We can guide you. Let’s see if we can help.

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