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    Phocas vs. Yellowfin business intelligence software comparison

    Learn how Phocas compares to Yellowfin in the world's largest independent review of business intelligence software. Phocas business intelligence software is used by mid-market manufacturers, distributors and retailers who want to monetize the data they generate by finding missed sales opportunities and to automate processes especially reporting. Yellowfin is an enterprise solution that helps users share data with collaborators in the form of storytelling.

    In BARC the BI Survey 19, Yellowfin featured alongside Phocas in all the three peer groups, with 26 categories in common.  In this post, we will compare how Phocas performed against Yellowfin across three KPIs:  Project Success, Recommendation, Product Satisfaction.   


    Project Success: business intelligence software comparison

    The Project Success KPI is based on user satisfaction of implementation from both the technical and business side and whether ongoing projects are completed on time and within budget. For the third year in a row, Phocas is top-ranked in the Project Success KPI in the ‘Data discovery focused products’, ‘Ad hoc reporting-focused products’ and ‘Americas-focused vendors’ peer groups compared with Yellowfin’s average score of 6.7.

    Of Phocas, BARC stated, “Customers are particularly satisfied with the implementation of technical and business aspects of the software as well as the frequency with which projects are completed within budget. By focusing on industry-specific operational systems such as Epicor, the provider brings unique know-how to the table.” 

    As Bennet Auto Supply said, “Implementation started in May and was scheduled to go live by October. By the end of July, we had the first set of data in and were testing, narrowing things down and getting results. The data flow was 100% accurate by the end of July.”  

    Recommendation: business intelligence software comparison

    This KPI is based on the proportion of users that say they would recommend the business intelligence software to others. For the last five years, Phocas has been the top-ranked vendor for Recommendation in each of the ‘Data discovery-focused products’, ‘Ad hoc reporting-focused products’ and ‘Americas-focused vendors’ peer groups.

    BARC emphasized, “In the highly competitive business intelligence software market, these results are particularly astonishing. A constantly high recommendation rate demonstrates a vendor’s ability to adapt its software development to customers’ needs.”

    As the Managing Director of J&S Davis said, "I sometimes wonder how companies that don't have Phocas manage to run their business."  And an executive from Morelli said, "If you need to analyze your data in a structured way, get Phocas and use it!"

    For the past five years of BARC’s Survey, Phocas has had the highest proportion of customers that say they would recommend Phocas business intelligence software to others. In the survey’s Recommendation Key Performance Indicator (KPI), Phocas received a perfect score of 10 out of 10 in all three peer groups. The peer group averages were 7.0, 7.8 and 6.6, respectively. On the other hand, Yellowfin scored only an average of 5.7 in the Recommendation category across the three peer groups.  

    Product satisfaction: business intelligence software comparison

    The Product Satisfaction KPI indicates the frequency of problems encountered with the product. Compared with Yellowfin’s average rating of 4.5, Phocas' high Product Satisfaction rating of 10.0 shows that Phocas customers experience very few product-related problems.

    In this year ‘s BARC survey, Phocas is a stand-out with the highest percentage of customers- at 81%- stating that they have no significant problems with the product. Consequently, Phocas tops all peer groups for the Product Satisfaction KPI.

    BARC attributes this to “the product’s stability, maturity and well-conceived design.” BARC went on to say, “While customers have different expectations of the availability and reliability of their BI product, these outstanding results show that Phocas customers are very satisfied with the product.”

    An executive from Gibsons expressed his satisfaction by saying, “We couldn't do our budgeting or stock forecasting without Phocas, so would we recommend it to other companies? It's a resounding yes from us.”

    And a Mercor Lighting exec stated, “Our expectations for Phocas were set pretty high by the people that recommended the software, and from the beginning, Phocas has exceeded all of them.” 

    For a more comprehensive review of how Phocas compared to 36 other business intelligence software vendors click the full report here or the button below.
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