Phocas Rebates

Phocas Rebates will help you analyze your margins and performance - and ensure you're never losing out

Calculate and manage discounts on volume purchases up and down the supply chain with the new Phocas Rebates module.

Using Excel formulas and spreadsheets to report, calculate and track rebates and commissions can be a nightmare. Even more horrifying is the impact of errors or oversights on your bottom line.

Phocas Rebates allows you to analyze, manage and report on all your payable or receivable rebates, regardless of how complex they are.

The benefits of Rebates

Greater insight

Analyze profits after applying rebates and commissions for greater insight into margins and performance

Strike better deals

Negotiate better rebate contracts by analyzing rebates and commissions to see who is paying or receiving the best rates

Save time

Save time and reduce costly errors by quickly creating supporting documents for rebate claims right down to the transaction level

Manufacturing, wholesale distribution and retail businesses that rely on tight product margins and operate in multi-tiered supply chains use Phocas Rebates for enhanced discount and commission management.


Value proposition for applying a Rebates Module





Administration can be a time-consuming practice. Entering rebates, monitoring agreement dates, calculations, postings; all require considerable commitments in time



The knowledge and awareness of rebate management can be spread beyond, what is often, a central position. Reducing the risks that are prevalent when most of the knowledge is held by an individual



Rebate rules are often tailored by a sales person at the time. The application enforces consistency and highlights rules that fall outside of parameters


Analysis and visibility

The results can be analysed in a flexible manner and shared with standard Phocas functionality



The management, administration and calculation of rebates can all form part of a clear process



Calculations will be performed in a uniform manner to a set of rules, ensuring accurate figures



By enforcing consistency a greater level of control can be exerted



Managing the agreements is simplified and no longer a 'dark art'



Rules are held in a central database

Got data? Get results

Do more than scratch the surface, with Phocas, get results.

Phocas software provides advanced business intelligence technology to empower your team with real-time data for actionable insight.


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