Meet Phocas at

UBT Trade

Expo 2019

July 16-18, 2019

Achieving growth, profitability and enhanced customer experience with Phocas

Why Phocas?


  • Integrate multiple data sources: ERP, CRM, website, Google Analytics, HR platform
  • Customization: dashboards, databases, reports
  • ERP: sales, inventory, purchasing, production
  • CRM: collaboration, activity tracking
  • Rebates: save time, strike better deals
  • Financial statements: permission-based access, quick answers, better planning


Visit Phocas at stand #10

Join Phocas at the UBT expo for a quick, 10-minute demonstration to learn how UBT businesses are finding success with data analytics 

Phocas delivers a data analytics solution for users in various industries, including manufacturing, distribution and retail.

Phocas makes it quick and easy to find the right data to help organisations make better purchasing decisions to ultimately sell more, reduce costs and improve margins.

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"Phocas are great to work with and their solution is incredibly flexible, and easy to use.
We are now leveraging our business data to gain better visibility across Sales, Marketing and Finance – we look forward to extending this visibility to Stock and Purchasing data shortly!"

Simon Taylor, Head of Finance, UBT UK


Here is a sample of customers benefiting from Phocas: