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    Take a quick peek at the two cartoons below - do these scenarios look familiar? It’s all too easy for us in our working day to get bogged down in detail, doing something because it’s always been done, not looking further than the end of our noses.


    The plain facts are that it’s a really simple procedure to do the same task every Monday morning at the start of the working week because we’ve always done it, or to use a certain system, spreadsheet or document ‘because that’s what we’ve always used and that’s how the Company’s always done it’. Sometimes we need to take the time to think about why we’re doing something and ask some questions – is doing this a good use of our time, what do we get out of doing it, is there a better way of doing something? If we took a different approach and tried an alternative way, what time and money savings could we make?handstand

    Both of the cartoons illustrate that point. We could’ve drawn a picture of a Sales Manager struggling to extract customer data from an Excel pivot table, as he always does on a Monday, but it wouldn’t have been very exciting visually! The point we’re making is that the Sales Manager is using an unsuitable system to tell him which of his customers are in decline: the pivot tables are clunky, not designed for what he wants to achieve, and ultimately aren’t capable of generating the reports he needs.

    Phocas is the cost-effective, adaptable business intelligence solution that promises to remove that Sunday night dread, of knowing you’re going to be wrestling with an unsuitable, time-consuming product the following morning, which only gives you pre-defined reports that aren’t helpful. Phocas was borne out of two fundamental principles: firstly, we give users instant access to all of their data, sliced, diced, filtered, sorted in any way that’s required. Secondly, Phocas provides users with the “intelligence” to make better decisions in real time. Whether you need sales revenue and splits, prices, profit margins, forecasts, budgets or a combination, Phocas provides you with adaptable templates, reports or dashboards, for PC, smartphone or tablet. The answers to your questions are provided in seconds which then motivates you to ask further questions.

    So similar to taking the time to see which weapons can be added to your armoury, or like adding wheels to your wagon, Phocas can speed up your processes and get you to your end result quicker and more effectively. Freeing up your Monday morning to provide you with sales and customer trends at the touch of a button, without a pivot table in sight!

    Click here to tell us of your reporting pains or to see a demo of Phocas, click here.Watch Demo

    Written by Phocas Software
    We make people feel good about data
    We make people feel good about data

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