We're proud to say we have been ranked #1 in 13 categories and nominated as a leader in 26 others in the world’s largest business intelligence software survey, BARC BI 2014.

Released this week, 3,224 participants responded to the 2014 BARC BI survey.

Phocas was ranked in position #1 for several categories including the following:

  • Business benefits - such as increased employee satisfaction and better business decision making
  • Mobile BI use - how many sites use Mobile BI with their business intelligence tool
  • Cloud BI – access their data from a secured internet environment
  • Project Length - how long it takes to implement the product
  • Performance Satisfaction - top ranked Visual Discovery Vendor in performance satisfaction
  • Recommendation – reflecting satisfied users willing to endorse the product to their peers

“Our strong performance in BARC BI 2014 demonstrates that Phocas is an innovative business intelligence software solution which continues to evolve and set the standard”, Phocas Co- Founder Myles Glashier said.

“Our aim is to provide a simple BI tool that allows our customers to increase their profits, uncover new sales opportunities and make data driven business decisions. Our results in BARC BI 2014 are testament to the fact Phocas is returning excellent value to our clients”.


Phocas Software’s Mobile Business Intelligence tool was particularly successful, leading the field in both the ad-hoc reporting and visual discovery categories.

"We decided in 2012 to focus on creating an innovative and accessible mobile BI solution. We were quick to respond to the emergence of tablets in the marketplace and these results are indicative of our dedication to create a high performing mobile BI tool”, Glashier said.

The BARC BI 2014 survey was completed by users of 34 business intelligence software tools including customers of Tableau and QlikView.

BARC’s research found that “Phocas customers rate the tool very highly across a number of categories in The BI Survey 14, and are willing to recommend it even more frequently than users of rival data discovery products such as Tableau and QlikView”.

Founded in 1999 in the United Kingdom by Chairman Paul Magee and Australian Myles Glashier, Phocas serves over 1,000 customers across the globe. In the 2013/2014 financial year, Phocas grew by 47% in the United States and by 20% in the Australian and United Kingdom markets.

Phocas Software is developed in Australia and its head office is located in Coventry, United Kingdom.

For the full results of Phocas in BARC BI 2014, please click the image below.BARC BI 2014 Review


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