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    Crescent Parts & Equipment speeds up decision-making process using Phocas

    Crescent Parts & Equipment used a variety of tools to manage its vast data resources prior to making the shift to Phocas, a fast and efficient company-wide data analytics solution. 

    Crescent Parts & Equipment (Crescent ) is a third-generation family-owned wholesale distributor of HVACR parts and equipment. It operates 15 locations across America, including branches and distribution centers. Crescent has 130 employees that manage more than 29,000 product records and nearly three million lines of record.

    Hear firsthand from Crescent's, Nick Deccio about his experience with Phocas in this video .


    Frustration with multiple data analytics tools

    Crescent experimented with a number of data analytic tools before it found Phocas. Initially Brio was used by six people in the business, it wrote SQL code on the fly and while it was somewhat effective, it was clunky and hard to use. In 2012, Crescent rolled out MITS and a third-party consultant managed the tool for the business, but many of Crescent's staff were dissatisfied with the software.

    The company was unable to do a full rebuild during the weekday with their software providers, so Nick Deccio, Controller and Director of Business Intelligence for Crescent, was going through the process of rebuilding the previous day and adding the data to what they already had. On the weekend, he would initiate the full rebuild. Often, he would come in on Monday to find the data was not finished rebuilding and reports weren't sending.

    With these challenges, Deccio decided it was a good time to start shopping around for a single solution that could meet all of Crescent's data and analytics needs.

    "We needed something with uptime and reliability, as well as speed, because we simply could no longer afford to wait 24-36 hours for our data to update or produce reports."

    Phocas has helped Crescent grow the use of data analytics within the business

    After researching other BI tools on the market, Deccio and his management team decided Phocas was the right solution for Crescent because he liked Phocas' forward-thinking, the ongoing new features and the software's adaptability to customer's needs.

    The implementation process went quicker than Deccio expected as the company was up and running on Phocas in six weeks and integration at a sister company took less than three days.

    Crescent now uses 80 Phocas licenses and nearly every department in the company uses the data analytics solution.

    "What we found after launching Phocas is that our sales team were frustrated with the old solution and simply did not use it. Some were logging in once a year, but since we introduced Phocas, the amount of people logging in has increased 1000 percent. We are getting full participation from sales in Phocas."

    Stock optimisation

    Crescent also values the inventory tracking capabilities within Phocas, which ties into the sales side of the business. Something as simple as seeing quantity on hand and quantity sold was difficult, but Phocas allows users to place these data streams side by side.

    "The ability to understand stocking strategies from a branch perspective and where we are going to run out of stock has been helpful for our purchasing and branch staff."

    For Crecent, the difference between Phocas and its previous solutions is the adoption from team members, and the ability to know what to do with all of the data and take action.

    Since deploying Phocas, the company has seen record sales months with growth of 25-30% over last year.

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