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    Phocas BI vs IBM Cognos BI: How do they compare?

    Every year, BARC Research produces the world’s largest review of business intelligence (BI) tools. In 2016, BARC's The BI Survey 16 compared Phocas to 36 other BI vendors including IBM Cognos BI. 

    While IBM Cognos BI has a well-established market presence, user reviews in BARC’s The BI Survey 16 find Phocas to be a stronger performer in many categories. Three of these categories will be discussed below.

    Product Satisfaction

    BARC bases the product satisfaction KPI on the frequency of problems encountered with the product. A higher score on this metric represents greater product satisfaction. Phocas BI scored 8.8 out of 10, whereas IBM Cognos BI scored 1.6.

    Our customers regularly tell us that Phocas is easy to use. We recognize that most employees outside of IT teams have limited technical knowledge and even less time to learn how to operate complex tools. Phocas is designed to be intuitive and usable by many functions across your business including sales, management, inventory and purchasing. Our focus in this area has led to our strong results.

    Business Benefits

    BARC Research defines the business benefits KPI as the achievement level of a variety of business benefits. Higher scores represent greater business benefits. On this metric, Phocas scored 8.1, whereas IBM Cognos BI scored 3.2.

    Phocas has received high scores for business benefits consistently over several years. Some of the benefits our customers report from Phocas include increased sales, cost reductions and better business insights.

    Take the automotive distributor, CoolDrive Distribution.  Since implementing Phocas, CoolDrive has 30 staff using the tool compared to just three users who were proficient at using IBM Cognos BI.

    Having a wider variety of staff who can access relevant company information and make data- driven decisions has led to enormous benefits for CoolDrive.  “Phocas becomes the most useful tool you’ve ever had because it reveals aspects of the business you may not have thought about.”, CoolDrive CFO, John Goodhram said

    Project Success

    BARC Research bases the Project Success KPI on the implementation satisfaction level and the frequency of projects completed on time and on budget. Higher scores reflect higher project success. Phocas scored 9.5 on this metric. IBM Cognos BI scored 2.1.

    Business intelligence projects can fail due to a variety of reasons. These include ineffective project management, buying software that is the wrong fit for your business, or complexities within the tool itself. As many as 70% of BI projects fail which is why we are proud to score highly on this metric. We know many of our new customers want their BI solution to be implemented as soon as possible so that they can start to reap the benefits.

    Global manufacturer and Phocas customer, ALP Lighting were impressed with the ease of implementing Phocas compared to IBM Cognos BI. ALP's COO, David Brown said that within a few months, "All the set-up and implementation was completed...and all our salespeople were trained, using it and loving it [Phocas]". "We encountered very few problems throughout the process”.

    “We tried using Cognos for several years and we found that it was too complex for users. We had several home grown data retrieval systems that served us well but they were slow and inflexible compared to Phocas. Phocas opened a whole new world of data accessibility for us”, Brown said.

    The three metrics described above are only a few of the excellent results Phocas received in BARC's the BI Survey 16 report.

    To find out how Phocas BI compares to IBM Cognos BI across more metrics, download your custom report by clicking here or on the button below.

    Click here to download your Phocas BI vs IBM Cognos BI comparison


    Written by Phocas Software
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    Successful Business Intelligence - Phocas Software

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